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Welcome to Charli Jane Speakers! Here is a quick look at what we do. 

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We’ve been playing matchmaker between Speakers & Planners since 2002. Also, Charli Jane helps speakers build their platform and planners find a speaker for their event.

Are you an event planner looking to book unique and valuable talent?

Do you want an easier time finding the right fit for your conference?

Charli Jane Solutions for Meeting Planners – Simply add your event here, or browse our searchable Speaker directory filled with established and qualified experts & terrific Speakers, in addition, we have personalized search services, to help meeting planners find and book their next Speaker at no cost to them.

We promote only reputable public speakers and we are confident that our services will be superior and more economical for you.

Finding the perfect speaker for your event couldn’t be easier!

“Mike was wonderful and the audience was chuckling! Also, we really appreciate you connecting us with him and hope to have him back in Peru in the future.” – Elise Kordis, Director, Miami County Museum

Are you a Public Speaker? 

Do you need a stronger platform? Are you looking to get booked — or get booked more often?

Charli Jane offers services and tools to help YOU grow your speaking business.

The Speaker’s Challenge – you need to strengthen your platform and also, have your marketing materials ready to get found & booked.

Charli Jane Solutions for Speakers – We help you grow your speaking business and also, your portfolio with services & coaching instrumental for high visibility & increased “bookability”.


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“Charli Jane Speaker Services isn’t just a good value, it’s a GREAT value!”   Kevin McNultyI joined Charli Jane Speakers in 2008. I was impressed with the weekly listing of paid and gratis (no honorarium, but tons of publicity for anyone new to the speaking circuit) national and international speaking leads.”  – Kevin Richard McNulty – Speaker, Author, and Coach

 “I just booked a great speaking gig for the International Spa Association”David Avrin

“My speaking fee for this presentation alone will justify my Charli Jane membership for many years to come. I just booked a great speaking gig for the International Spa Association (ISPA) conference in Las Vegas in October. I found the lead through my membership in the club.”  – David Avrin – The Visibility Coach 

“I will be a forever loyal client!”

Elinor Stutz

“As a speaker and author, I now have a portfolio of professionally designed materials for my business. Given the artistry in McNeill’s design work and the value provided, I will be a forever loyal client!” – Elinor Stutz, CEO of Smooth Sale, Author and Inspirational Speaker – www.SmoothSale.net