Charli Jane Speaker Member Success Stories

“I’m really getting value from the RFPs. I’ve booked almost $15k of gigs from it since I joined this summer! Keep up the good work!” 

– Traci Brown, Body Language Expert, Keynote Speaker and Champion Athlete

RAVI HUTHEESING, International Keynote Speaker & Cultural Catalyst

“I’ve booked 5 speaking gigs this year using the speaking leads. Three are paid and the the other two I’ve gotten consulting clients from!”

– Daryl Fletcher, Keynote Speaker, Author, and Relationship Expert

Wendi McNeill
Wendi McNeill

Success & Confidence Coach. Helping speakers launch & grow their speaking business so they can achieve a booked schedule.

Founder of Charli Jane Speakers, The Live Bold & Bloom Women's Speaker Club and the Speakers Template Toolbox Club.

Wendi helps connect Meeting Planners and Speakers from all lifestyles since 2002. She is a creative and savvy entrepreneur who brings with her 35 years of rich experience. She helps public speakers set up their businesses, market, and manage so they can have a satisfying and successful speaking business.  

First and foremost, I am the wife of an amazing husband, Mark, and mother to four beautiful daughters ages 33, 31, 28, and 26, and a proud Nana of 7! I enjoy spending as much time as I can with my family, being creative, traveling, reading, yoga, running, playing tennis, and being outdoors.

In short, I work with Speakers from ALL walks of life for almost two decades. I have been helping Speakers increase their visibility, hire-ability, and increase their speaking schedule by having a strong platform. 

I work with highly motivated individuals that have the passion, the hustle and drive to succeed; but they must also have an open mind towards change. I believe every speaker is unique. I help bring that uniqueness forward so they can learn how to make it the foundation of their business. By showing them how to grow their speaking business, share their message, and help others; these speakers discover how to live the lifestyle they desire. 

Read more about Charli Jane Speakers and Wendi here

Charli Jane Member Kevin McNulty, Speaker, Blogger, Personal Development Coach and Author 

Charli Jane Member Marietta Gentles Crawford, is a personal brand strategist, writer, author, and speaker.

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“I don’t know what my team would do if we didn’t have Charli Jane Speakers doing all the hard work of finding RFPs for us. We’re blown away by the quality opportunities they found. It saves us so much time and totally pays for itself every year!”  

Beth Ziesenis, Author, Speaker, Nerd

Beth Ziesensis

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Let the perfect speaker for your event come to you!

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If you need help or have questions please email and we are happy to help.

Finding the perfect speaker for your event couldn’t be easier!

Charli Jane promotes only reputable professional public speakers. 


"Wendi and Charli Jane Speakers can be your best partner in elevating your career. In terms of ROI becoming a CJ member has been the best investment I have made in my speaking career.”
Ravi Hutheesing
Cultural Catalyst and Global Keynote Speaker
“I just booked a great speaking gig for the International Spa Association (ISPA) conference in Las Vegas in October. My speaking fee for this presentation alone will justify my Charli Jane membership for many years to come.”
David Avrin
David Avrin
Visibility Coach

Need a Speaker Onesheet Design?

Speaker Onesheets


Hi There! It’s Wendi McNeill owner of Charli Jane Speakers. 

Our team has been designing professional onesheets for speakers for 17 years. 

Having a Speaker’s onesheet or also called a Speaker Sheet or One-Pager is the most important marketing tool you should always have on hand and on your website.  

“The moment I visited the Charli Jane website, I saw the beautiful marketing pieces specially created for speakers. Wendi delivered impeccable service delivered at lightning speed, and the artwork is beautiful! It was so good, I was motivated to request a new speaker card. I highly recommend these creative services for anyone seriously wanting to increase their speaking presence.”  

– Elinor Stutz, CEO of Smooth Sale, Inspirational Speaker, and International Best-Selling Author

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