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Charli Jane Public Speaking Services … opening doors of opportunity for Speakers since 2002.

We help Speakers Get Found so they can Get Booked AND We help planners find the perfect speaker for their event!

Find a Speaker              Be a Charli Jane Speaker

How can I connect with Charli Jane Speakers? Simple. If you are looking for an expert for your event click the Find a Speaker. If you want to get found and get booked click Be a Charli Jane Speaker.

Our goal at Charli Jane is to get you, the Speaker, seen and on the platform, in front of thousands of people, so that you can teach and motivate your audience, enriching and empowering them to lead fulfilling lives.

Charli Jane Speaker Services provide meeting planner services for meeting planners and event organizers in finding the best speaker, workshop leader or media expert to suit their organization’s specific needs and budget, ensuring that your event objectives are met. Find the right Speaker for your events right here – it’s free! You can also post a Speaker request and suitable Speakers will respond to your posting directly to you.

Additional Speaker Services we offer:

  • Speaker OneSheet Design – Your OneSheet will be your #1 most requested marketing piece. It must be professionally designed and be eye-catching. Get your OneSheet today by the Charli Jane team.
  • Speaker Business Training courses – Mini Learning Courses for Speakers and Coaches. These info-packed, essential golden-nugget oriented short courses are designed with your limited time in mind. Learning in this format, you will get more done in less time with less money, less frustration, fewer other things piling up while you concentrate on growing your business-building knowledge.
    Social Media All-In-One Header Designs -We recommend keeping your brand consistent across all social media channels. The same look and feel will build brand awareness and trust with your audience.
  • Business Coaching – Wendi is a business expert with 32 years experience & founder/owner of Charli Jane Speakers. She’ll teach you strategies that help you grow your speaking business, build your brand & develop a strong platform. Wendi works one-on-one with only a handful of Professional Speakers at a time, please Email Wendi for more information to see how you can get started taking your business to the next level now.

“My David Avrinspeaking fee for this presentation alone will justify my Charli Jane membership for many years to come. I just booked a great speaking gig for the International Spa Association (ISPA) conference in Las Vegas in October.” – David Avrin – The Visibility Coach – It’s Not Who You Know – It’s Who Knows You!