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Welcome to Charli Jane Speakers! 

Hi There! My name is Wendi McNeill, founder of Charli Jane Speakers. I’m an industry go-to expert at online marketing, a biz-building strategist, multiple streams of income enthusiast and go-get-‘em mentor for successful Speakers.

Since 2002, one of my obsessions has been teaching Speakers how to scale their business to a sustainable level and get their message out to more audiences. I show them how to achieve a full speaking schedule using industry insights gleaned over two decades of experience.

My other obsession? Working with Planners to find perfectly-matched Speakers for their events and celebrating the success that brings to Planners, their organizations and their audiences.

Your next step is to see what services are a match for you!

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Questions? Email me at Hello@CharliJane.com and I’m happy to help!