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Professional speaker, Speech Coach and Author

Larry Tracy, author of “The Shortcut to Persuasive Presentations,” has been cited in the books “The Information Please Business Almanac,” and “Best of the Best,” as well as other publications, as one of the top presentation skills coaches in the country. His training is not based on theory derived from others; it flows instead from his real world “been there, done that” experience delivering thousands of presentations, many to skeptical, critical audiences.

He is a retired Army colonel, and formerly headed the Pentagon’s top briefing team, responsible for daily intelligence briefings to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. He managed over 500 of these multi-media sessions, and personally briefed the Chairman almost 100 times. Because of his speaking skills, the White House later directed the Army to assign him to the State Department to debate controversial foreign policy issues in front of hundreds of demanding, even hostile, audiences, leading President Reagan to call him “ An extraordinarily effective speaker.” Larry has taken this unparalleled experience to the field of speech coaching, and his book has been described as a “workshop in a book.” Moreover, he speaks fluent Spanish, having lived in Latin America, and can conduct presentation skills workshops in that language.

Larry was interviewed in July 2013 on Federal New Radio (WFED 1500 AM) by Mark Amtower, the Washington DC’s leading authority on Government contracting and author of the book “Selling to the Government.” Click here to listen to the interview

Keynote topics and Workshops

 Briefing the Boss: Presenting to Senior Executives: Managers are frequently called upon to present to senior executives. Emphasis will be placed on 1) gaining intelligence on the requirements and learning styles of senior executives to be briefed; 2) how to not get bogged down in technical detail but instead focus on the informational needs of these senior executives; 3) deliver in a “Bottom line up front” manner. In summary, the primary objective of this training is to learn how to efficiently convey information to senior executives so they can make the best-informed decisions on how to allocate scarce resources.

Persuasion is the Means, Buy-in the Goal: Most presentation skills training focuses on delivery techniques, body language, vocal inflection, etc. These are indeed important, but the objective for ALL presentations is to gain willing and enthusiastic “Buy-in” of what the presenter is “selling.” In this session, attendees learn a systematic method to achieve such agreement from audience members/potential clients.

How Technical Experts can “Bring Home the Bacon” in Oral Presentations: Since the mid-1990’s, the Federal government, and many State governments, have revised the procedure for awarding contracts. Previously, contracts were awarded based on the merits of the written proposal. Now, however, most government agencies require an oral presentation to be made by the technical experts who will actually carry out the terms of the contract. Program managers and engineers are now “sellers” as well as “doers” in what is often the tiebreaker for winning a lucrative contract. 


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“I used techniques Larry shares in his book “The Shortcut to Persuasive Presentations” to coach our management team on a proposal requiring oral presentations. The result? A WIN worth over $300 million to my company. Enough said!” ~ Keith Wallace, Program Manager, The Wyle Corporation