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About Charli Jane Speaker Services - Grow Your Speaking Business

About Charli Jane Speaker Services

Wendi McNeill, Platform Building Strategist & Founder of Charli Jane Speakers ®

Charli Jane Speaker Services ® Opening doors for speakers since 2002! 

First and foremost, I am the wife of an amazing husband and father Mark, a Mom to four beautiful daughters ages 31, 29, 27 and 24 and a Nana to 5 grandbabes whom I absolutely adore! I enjoy spending as much time as I can with my family, being creative, traveling, reading, camping, yoga, working out, golfing, and being outdoors.

Addiction: Starbucks and Cheese … I totally LOVE cheese and will put it on everything if I can! 🙂

First, I will say so there is no confusion that Charli Jane Speakers ® is not a traditional Speakers bureau nor agency.

Charli Jane first, offers a 18 year old Speakers directory where speakers can be listed (no commission fees ever) and have their own page to gain more exposure and credibility. Charli Jane’s speaker directory is heavily searched and we market all our speakers individually and as a whole for extra exposure. Listed members of Charli Jane also get additional perks including ecoaching support, tools, tips, templates, and speaking leads to assist them in growing their speaking business.

Second, I coach beginning speakers and re-entry speakers (or what I like to call “stuck” speakers). For 18 years I have been helping Speakers increase their visibility, hire-ability and increase their speaking schedule by having great exposure, giving a boost of credibility, a strong platform and marketing strategies in place. After all, you can’t sell yourself until you a strong platform to stand on.

Third, we create Speaker Onesheets

In my coaching I work with highly motivated individuals that have the passion and drive to succeed; but they must also have an open mind towards change. I believe every speaker is unique. I help bring that uniqueness forward so they can learn how to make it the foundation of their business. By showing them how to grow their speaking business, share their message, and help others; these speakers discover how to live the lifestyle they desire. I don’t market my coaching on our website and only do a handful so if you’re interested please contact me at and I’m happy to chat with you.

I am a strong believer in building and nurturing relationships. As elementary as it may sound, my guiding philosophy is: Just be nice. This simple gesture alone will bring you amazing results. People are not only looking for HOPE today, but for someone to just take the time to Be Nice. When you let them know that you truly care about them as a person, and not just another customer/client, you are opening the doors to the greatest opportunity of all – a lasting relationship.

To learn more or work with Wendi visit her online at:

We need four things to be successful that can only come from People.

They are: Resources, coaches, mentors and partners

It is unusual that you can find all of these in one person. Sometimes you get lucky and find one person capable of providing most of these things.   I found such a person that I want to highlight and her name is Wendi McNeill founder and owner of Charli Jane Speaker Services. She has helped and assisted me in numerous ways.  She is truly a Partner that provides numerous resources. She is both a Coach and Mentor in the ways she offers suggestions and sources for engagements and improvement to the success of my speaking career.

Wendi is a passionate, persistent partner who takes on the vision and mission of the client.

~ Carl L Young, Consultant, Speaker and Trainer