Grow Your Speaking Business

Meet Wendi McNeill

Wendi is the founder of Charli Jane Speakers® established in 2002.

She is a Success & Confidence Coach and teaches speakers how to launch & grow their business to achieve a booked speaking schedule.

First and foremost ...

She is the wife of an amazing husband, Mark, and mother to four beautiful daughters and four wonderful son-in-laws. You will also hear her frequently boast about her beautiful grandbabes, all 8 of them. She is a very proud Nana!

She enjoys spending as much time as she can with her family, being creative, traveling, reading, yoga, running, playing tennis and being outdoors.

Wendi McNeill

Opening Doors of Opportunity for speakers since 2002.

As the Founder and Owner of Charli Jane Speaker Services®, Wendi has been “Opening Doors of Opportunity” for speakers since 2002. Charli Jane Speakers provides speakers with support, exposure, tools, tips, speaking and media leads, coaching/learning programs, and much more to assist them in growing their speaking business.

When it comes to Wendi’s clients she is very passionate and laser-focused about how they can grow their speaking business to levels of great success and fulfillment. They work together on strategies to quickly & easily position them as the top expert in their subject matter.

The results are success, financial freedom, and limitless lifestyle choices. Her primary objective is to help speakers/experts properly position themselves so they can get found easily, fill their speaking schedule and increase their income to incredible levels. Also, through the development of multiple streams of income, her clients learn how to rely on more than speaking fees alone to sustain their businesses.

Through the starting and building of her businesses from scratch and ones with business partners…I have seen great success and significant failures. Each has made her stronger and wiser.  She provides support, direction, and encouragement to help speakers build a stronger platform, create financial freedom and advance their business to higher levels of amazing success and fulfillment.

What she has learned through her own life experience and business ventures is to get back up after you fall, never quit, stay dedicated and focused and CREATE your destiny, your legacy… it is never about what life has handed you but about how you create your own life.