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This App Sparked my Imagination - Grow Your Speaking Business

This App Sparked my Imagination

This App Sparked my ImaginationOh my gosh! No Joke! This App Sparked my Imagination.

I came across this app that I couldn’t put down. I’m a very creative person, and any tools or apps I can find to help embellish my creativity are welcome and embraced.

The app I share today allows me to use my imagination in ways I don’t do on a daily basis.

It reminds me of a time when I was younger: our family literally lived “Little House on the Prairie”— 80’s style. If you know Little House on the Prairie, they had no running water, no electricity, an outhouse, and no TV.

Yep, that was me and my family.

We were in the woods of Northern Minnesota instead of the prairie, and it was in the 1980’s. The young children back in the 1870’s had to use their imagination to create fun, to create adventure — so did I.

Nowadays it seems pretty easy to find apps that make life and business easier on us.

There really is an app for everything!

But there’s also a lot of duplication, so for an app to grab my interest it has to be different and give me a sense that I’m could use it on a daily basis, and that it will spark some juice for me.

PicsArt, captured me!

I play with it for hours and my imagination can make the coolest images.

I learn new things every day, and this keeps me coming back, and this keeps the app on my phone.

It really allows you to use your imagination and have fun with it.

So, my share is PicsArt — I suggest you download it, have fun with it and let it spark your imagination like the simple things in life did when we were young.

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