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Beverly Dru Lewis - Grow Your Speaking Business

Beverly Dru Lewis

Executive Trainer, Author, Professional Speaker

Beverly Dru Lewis

“I work with business leaders in raising Emotional Intelligence (EQ) to improve organizational culture.”

Travels From: Atlanta, GA and Virtual

Beverly Lewis

About Beverly Dru Lewis

Beverly Lewis, Master Communicator, helps develop confident business leaders who are consistent in their character and clear in their communications. Beverly brings decades of experience to the table. She is well-travelled, well-read, well-spoken, and exudes energy and positivity. She helps others builds bridges instead of walls. The quality of life depends on the quality of our relationships and relationships are built one conversation at a time. Beverly delivers straight talk with an irresistible smile and leaves audacious hope in her wake. Beverly authored Win from Within: The Heart of Success and Significance, available on Amazon.


Topics: Emotional Intelligence, Leadership, Diversity, Communication Skills

What You Need When You’re Called to Lead

The high road to leadership is a journey that requires certain tools, skills, attitudes, and aptitudes. This session will help you focus on packing intentionally for the journey of a lifetime. Our troubled world is demanding a better brand of leadership. You’re it.

How to Stay Positive in a Negative World

Bias is part of our brain’s protective mechanism. However, negativity can hijack your destiny and your dreams; diminishing your productivity and satisfaction with your work and your life. Learn how to create new neural pathways and build a better future.

The New Kind of Smart

Seven Strategies to Increase Your EQ (Emotional Quotient)



"The first time I heard Beverly Lewis present, she was so interesting and such a dynamic speaker, I knew I HAD to get to know her. Fast-forward several years: Having co-trained with Beverly on several occasions, her educational expertise is truly exemplary. Her ability to foster a team spirit with her clients is extraordinary. But what truly sets her apart is her ability to identify leadership traits in others, when they may not even believe in themselves. I strongly recommend Beverly to any business that wants impactful outcomes." - Pat Sabiston, Owner of the Write Place.




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