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Brian Madrid - Grow Your Speaking Business

Brian Madrid

Keynote Speaker

Brian Madrid

“I teach three powerful business techniques that the top 10% of high performers use with an interactive experience that will fuel creative thinking, productivity, and performance.”

Travels From: St. Louis, Missouri

Brian Madrid

About Brian Madrid

Brian is an entrepreneur, award-winning hypnotist, and brain science expert with over a decade of experience in how the mind works. Brian’s journey began while serving in the Air Force and becoming a professional hypnotist learning how powerful the subconscious mind is.  After his extensive research, education, and interviewing the top performers from leading companies, Brian was able to pinpoint how to reprogram our subconscious for whatever goals we are seeking.

Brian has created an interactive keynote that teaches powerful techniques that will fuel creative thinking and productivity, no matter what business you are in.  Brian has had the pleasure of helping thousands of business professionals worldwide and presenting for companies such as Toyota and Royal Caribbean.  

Brian’s presentation will make your audience see the possible in the impossible!


Topics: Leadership, Performance, Creativity, Sales

Unlock Your Inner Genius

This keynote is for anyone that communicates with others and wants to dramatically improve productivity and performance using three powerful business techniques that the top 10% of high performers use.

Transformation is created by areas of our brain that is accessible to everyone, yet are rarely used. You don’t have to be hypnotized, it just has to be unlocked Entrepreneur, hypnotist, and brain science expert, Brian Madrid, creates an interactive experience that will inspire, educate and entertain your audience.

They will learn three powerful and actionable business techniques that will reshape how they think which will fuel creative thinking, productivity, and performance.

Brian customizes each experience based on your needs and connects with your audience on an emotional level with interactive psychological demonstrations throughout the presentation that drives home each of the three business techniques. This ground-breaking approach allows the audience to be a part of their own live experiment and instantly see the possible in the impossible.


  • Understand how creating magic moments with others create a genuine connection that’s essential to build trust and loyalty
  • Learn why intuition is rarely used and how to train your brain to create new opportunities and experience less regrets
  • Discover ways to reprogram your subconscious to overcome negative perceptions and beliefs that are holding you back from your fullest potential



"We needed a powerful keynote to open our conference and Brian delivered. Brian incorporated the audience in his powerful and visual keynote. We look forward to having him back with his next keynote." -Chad T, Celebrity International."




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