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Cassandra Terry - Grow Your Speaking Business

Cassandra Terry

Keynote Speaker

Cassandra Terry

“I help clients do mindset adjustments so that they can live the life that they desire.”

Travels From: Austin, Texas and Virtual

Cassandra Terry

About Cassandra

Cassandra is a dynamic motivational speaker with years of experience as a life coach, mindset strategist and group facilitator. She works with groups, individuals, and organizations to identify internal roadblocks, gain clarity of desired goals and build a roadmap to accomplish those goals.


Topics: Mindset Strategy, Goalsetting, Overcoming, Adversity/Resilience, Overcoming Imposter, Syndrome and Other Self-Limiting Beliefs

The Voice Within Wins

An introduction to mindset, self-limiting beliefs and a step-by-step strategy to connect with your inner voice and rewrite negative automatic messaging. Only then are you ready to set clear goals and build an action plan to achieve your goals.

My Experiences do not Define Me

A walk through my personal journey from poverty to Sr Manager at a Fortune 500 IT Company. My beginning did not predict my future and neither does yours. It includes a discussion of characteristics that will help anyone move through instead of being stuck in their circumstances.

Write the Vision

A look at goal setting, visualization and positive affirmations as tools to achieve your goals.



"I saw you on Girl Geek and your presentation really opened my eyes. I realized that I am capable of doing anything I put my mind to and it’s really a matter of me letting go and truly believing in myself. I’m currently trying to make a career pivot into tech as a sales engineer, but I started to get discouraged. However, your words of encouragement forced me to look at my past and realize that there is nothing that I have tried that I ultimately didn’t succeed at, which gave me a boost of confidence."