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Catherine Peters - Grow Your Speaking Business

Catherine Peters

Burnout Expert, Performance Coach and Keynote Speaker

Catherine Peters

“I help burnt crispy executives beat stress, heal burnout, crush their goals and love their lives. Support, guidance, and improved performance through engaging workshops, 1:1 coaching, and inspiring keynotes.”

Travels From: Denver, Colorado and Virtual

Catherine Peters

About Catherine Peters

Catherine Peters, a.k.a. Cat the Coach, is a Certified Professional Coach and Energy Leadership Master Practitioner, helping burnt crispy professionals to beat stress, heal burnout, crush their goals and love their lives.

After a long and successful career creating multiple businesses and traveling the world, Cat faced burnout on an epic level. A breast cancer diagnosis changed the trajectory of her life. In her search to heal herself and her life, Cat became an expert at addressing the root causes of stress and burnout. She’s now an award-winning international speaker on a mission to help people level up their energy and leave stress and burnout in the dust.

Cat has a magical ability to create authentic connection with audiences, using her unique humor and storytelling to deliver life-changing information in a way that resonates and inspires. Cat lives in Denver, Colorado with her amazing husband, three wayward mutts and a cat that drools.

When she’s not creating amazing results for her clients and audiences, you can find her beating back the pet hair that threatens to overtake her home and her sanity.


Topics: Burnout, stress management, leadership development, leveling up energy

It's Time To Level Up

Imagine that we could create an upward spiral of energy that could lift not only ourselves, but those around us out of burnout and into possibility. Millions of us are experiencing burnout at record levels after 2 ½ years of a global pandemic. So what do you do when everything feels hard? When conflict is the norm? Burnout is contagious. But so is joy. So is possibility. The scientific phenomenon of entrainment shows us how energy changes frequency to match the frequency around it. We’re all experts at contagion by now. Let’s use it to our advantage to change the world.

How to Beat Burnout & Love Your Life Again:

Sick and tired of being sick and tired? Overwhelmed, worn out, totally over it? You may be in burnout. Up to ninety-five percent of all disease is stress-related and at this point, “pulling yourself up by your bootstraps” is next to impossible. You need help. In this value-packed presentation, you’ll learn how to tell if you’re in burnout, the hidden and often surprising causes of burnout, and actionable steps to level up your energy so you can leave stress and burnout in the dust.

The Untapped Power of the Nap:

Cat has developed a reputation as The Nap Whisperer for a reason. This fun and interactive presentation is perfect for a lunch and learn wellness session or an afternoon elective. We’ll spend 30 minutes learning about the amazing health and productivity benefits of napping. Attendees will learn how to create an effective nap practice, and then put their learning to the test with guided nap time. A perfect way to replenish and gear up for those afternoon sessions! 



"I was blessed to see Cat speak at the COCPA Women’s Summit this year. She captured the audience’s attention brilliantly with her real life stories, emotions, and examples…. SO POWERFUL. You won’t regret having Cat speak at your next event!" - Amanda "Jo" Erven, CPA, CIA, CFE, CTQA