Creating a Sexy, Selling, Speaker Onesheet

Why a course on creating a sexy, selling, speaker onesheet?

sexy, selling, speaker onesheet

This info-packed, essential golden-nugget oriented short course is designed with your limited time in mind.

Learning in this format, you will get more done in less time with less money, less frustration, fewer other things piling up while you concentrate on growing your business-building knowledge.

9 mini-modules that pack a punch. Designed to be highly doable, bite-size modules. Plus, the last module is a bonus, no work required! Oh, Happy Day!

We’ve developed this simple-to-follow, easy-to-understand mini-course that will have you ready to Rock out your Speaker OneSheet in no time at all!

First off, please understand that your Speaker OneSheet is not meant to be just “thrown together”. Sounds obvious right? You might be surprised at how many people don’t think this way. That’s not the way it works in the real world where Pro Speakers are getting booked solid consistently. It’s not all about throwing info together on 1 or 2 pieces of paper. Miss the important elements, and how they should be strategically placed, and you miss the boat.

If your sole purpose of a OneSheet is getting hired – what else is there? – then you need this mini-course. If you want to post something on your site so you can say, “Here’s my OneSheet” than this course is not for you.

Wondering what is takes to pull together an excellent OneSheet for Professional Speakers? The Sexy, Selling, Speaker Onesheet teaches you what are the very best attributes, ingredients, elements and aspects of a OneSheet that will get you noticed and booked!

Sometimes you just need someone to TELL you how to do it, break it down, walk you through it, and list everything you need. You need someone to show you how it should be displayed and how to connect.

With your OneSheet, there are really only 2 goals: 1) Entice the reader to go to your website to learn more and email you or 2) Pick up the phone to call you at the number listed on your OneSheet. Perhaps she might hang your OneSheet on her bulletin board for future reference, but that’s not truly your goal. You either want her to visit your website to contact you, or call you, right away. How do you create something that makes these actions happen? Wendi will show you how.

Be the purple cow in the field & draw on your individual talents, uniqueness & personality. You will have an amazing speaker OneSheet that will shine above all others!

Why do you need a Speaker OneSheet? It is the #1 marketing tool you need. It is the most powerful tool you must have to help sell your speaking services. Yes, demo videos are essential, but many Speakers get themselves consistently booked with only their OneSheet.

$14 Get Course Now!

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