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Develop Your Sexy Speaker Proposal in 7 Steps - Grow Your Speaking Business

Develop Your Sexy Speaker Proposal in 7 Steps


Develop Your Sexy Speaker Proposal in 7 Steps

Develop Your Sexy Speaker Proposal in 7 Steps

Say what! A sexy speaker proposal?

Just like a sexy person turns heads, a sexy speaker proposal gets read.

Sexy exudes confidence.  Sexy has mastered the art of (body) language.  Sexy is giving and generous.  Sexy grabs attention.

What if you could just generate a speaker proposal that is sexy?  What would that do for your ability to book engagements?  What if your proposal drops jaws and makes people drool?  And what if they’re envious when you’re already booked on their date?

We have a tool — the Speaker Proposal Generator — that will help you walk through the 7 steps you need to master for sexy speaker proposals:

  1. Authenticity: You will never be an expert at being someone else. In your proposal, let your true self shine through. Don’t copy other speakers. Let your voice through. Being fake is not sexy.
  2. Brief bio: I stress “brief” on purpose.  Enough to prove you’re credible while staying humble.  Bragging is not sexy.  Since proposals get scanned, the longer it is the less will get read. Less is More.
  3. Topics: Showcase what you can do for their audience, not methods, tools or processes.  Keep it short, concise. A bullet list showcase of the benefits for the audience participants. Lead with verbs so they “pop.” Be clear, short and very specific to their audience problems or challenges. This is where you will connect.
  4. Testimonials: Use your most valuable one. Now I know they are all valuable but use one that carries more weight, if you have one that is a household name use it, if it’s a media outlet, use it, and so forth. Add only one, no more. It will become annoying to the reader if you start piling on the testimonials.
  5. Professionalism: It’s not sexy to slouch. Don’t get lazy or rushed on your proposals: get it formatted properly, edited, properly addressed to the appropriate name or at least position at the corporation in question, if any, and always check your spelling. A sloppy proposal is not sexy.
  6. Brand it: Put your “stamp” on your proposal by making it match everything you do. If they go to your website, or see your business card, it should look like family.  Brand your proposal with your colors, fonts, logo, tag line, etc. Your brand follow you everywhere and on everything!
  7. Your Hello Video! Seeing is believing. Stay ahead of the competition and let the planner see your face and your style. How can your proposal be sexy without seeing you in action? As a speaker, you shouldn’t be camera shy. On your short & very concise proposal, add this to the end “Hey, if I caught your attention stop by here and watch a short video I made specifically for You!” and give them a link like (note this is not a real URL). Create a short ‘Hello Video’ specifically for planners. Be yourself, say Hi nice to meet you, briefly tell them what you can do for their audience and the take-away — and that’s it. Be yourself, be passionate about what you do, and speak directly to one person.  No longer than 3 minutes. At the end of the video have a call to action: click a link for your demo video, or sign up for your lead magnet, or send them to your Facebook page, or send them to a discount coupon if they’re ready to hire you. I recommend a lead magnet because your mailing list is your greatest asset.

It may seem like a lot, but being sexy will make a big difference and when you start writing proposals and get used to it, it just gets easier.

So how do you write your proposal?  How do you put it all together?

We got you covered!

Use our easy Speaker Proposal Generator, for Free — and you get unlimited lifetime use!

Plug in your info in a brief form, click submit, spiff it up and add your logo and – Dang you’re Done!

It’s simple and saves you tons of time in figuring out what to say, and the fussing of trying to figure how to “put it all together.”

So, how and where do I find this cool handy time-saving tool?

Easy, click right here for the Speaker Proposal Generator.

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