Andrea Travillian


Personal Finance Expert and Entrepreneur

Outside of money for candy and toys most of us do not think about money and investing until college or sometimes even latter! Andrea Travillian , however did not follow that timeline, in fact her passion for personal finance began at an early age—with her first stock purchase in sixth grade! Andrea’s money education continued at the University of Iowa with a degree in finance. Upon completion Andrea took a position in banking. With additional career opportunities to follow that involved working in corporate finance with budgets and forecasts, taxes, and retirement investing both in the United States and abroad in Australia. During this time Andrea completed her MBA from Creighton University.

Upon returning to the United States Andrea Travilliandecided to make the jump to entrepreneurship and was hooked. After starting two businesses, Andrea realized that her true calling was to help people achieve their goals. However she also knew from her financial experience that the one thing in most people’s way to their goals is their money. Your money and life fulfillment are intertwined and both must be healthy and on target in order to embrace your personal power and achieve your goals. When this happens we all benefit from the good that can occur.

Because of this belief Andrea Travillian formed Smart Step, Inc in 2007 to educate people about money and to help them make the world a better place.


Money Can Buy You Happiness but There is a Catch

How money can help you become happier and the six basics of sound money management.

Your Money Wants to Help Your Business Grow

Many times it is not the marketing that is stopping growth but instead money management. Learn the three most common money mistakes and how to change them.

Invest Now!

Geared to those soon to enter the workforce. Focuses on the benefits of investing from day one of their careers.


I found the class I took very motivational and eye awakening to the process I should be doing. We all need a plan and Andrea has it set up so you move right along with the process to get to your comfort level. And while you’re at it have a little fun ~ she has surprises in her class. Obviously I was very impressed, I have already recommend Andrea and will continue to do so. ~ Margaret Von Tersch – Omaha, NE



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