Anthony Von Mickle


Investor, Author, Professional Speaker and Investment Consultant

Anthony Von Mickle is the founder and president of The Investment Forum and an expert on personal finance and investments. He is a published author and motivational speaker who leads his audience through the uncertainty of investing. For over 12 years, he has split his time between a career in information technology and entrepreneurial activity including real estate and equity investments.

His investment forums has hundreds of dedicated followers who read his monthly newsletter containing topics ranging from day-to-day money management and 401K contributions to building multi-million dollar real estate portfolios and what decisions one should make when selecting the right mutual fund. He is a graduate of The Citadel, The Military College of South Carolina where he studied Modern Languages (French) and Business Administration. He earned an MBA from Keller Graduate School and currently working towards a PhD in International Business. Anthony Von Mickle holds certificates in Financial Planning from Georgetown University, Private Equity and Venture Capital –Asia from Harvard Business School and School of Economics and Management, Tsinghua University (TSEM), The Washington Investment Banking Institute and is a member of the Washington Association of Money Managers and the Wharton Club of D.C.


Making High Impact Presentations

You earn within 20% of your closest associates. Show me who you associate with and I’ll show you your net worth. If you want an increase, you must change your associates. You already know who’s successful but you couldn’t get in front of them to get their insight…until now. Von shows you how to make contact and build relationships with the industry’s most successful business and political titans as he’s done for many years.

Real Estate and Equity Investments

So many people want to create and maintain wealth through investments, however, it is a feat that is achieved by so few. Von will show you why so many people fail but most importantly what you can do to achieve success. He discusses what a realistic return is and what “real people” with real bills have to do to educate themselves before jumping into the unforgiving world of investments.


“From the mobile home to where moguls roam” is Von’s personal quote to success. Raised in a trailer park and exposed only to a poverty “mostly of the mind” environment, he has fought his way out of the financial challenged level of society and now leads a life that is envious to many. In understanding that many success people are too busy to reach back, he is leading hundreds of people to their dreams by showing them very basic yet, fundamental steps in motivating themselves even when they see no light and are ready to throw in the towel.



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