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Creative Business Strategy Trainer

Bill Gluth is a Creative Business Strategy Trainer. He is the first person to specialize in developing “talent” as a competitive business strategy. Bill brings clear, simple, and focused action steps to any business building program that spotlights controlling time, methods, and mindset to stand out from the crowd.

When in control of these 3 variables, business people can realize greater achievement and business, growth in less time, with minimal stress, for a lower cost.

Since the inception of Develop Your Vision in 2001, Bill has helped a variety of businesses achieve balance, satisfaction, and profit with freedom by understanding what makes their business unique. Once differentiation points are uncovered, Bill demonstrates how to leverage creativity and focused action to successfully reach a tightly defined audience.

Bill Gluth has a unique ability to blend the creative mind with business strategy. He has held creative, “in-the-trenches” and executive level sales and marketing positions; providing him with an inimitable perspective.

Throughout the 1990’s Bill Gluth worked as a front line sales person, marketing advisor, Vice President of Creative and Vice President of Sales and Marketing. He has researched and applied innovative business building concepts, like Guerrilla Marketing and Rainmaker selling strategies extensively.

As a public speaker, Bill has been featured at national conventions in both New York and Los Angles. In addition, he has developed and facilitated training programs in all of the major markets in the United States as well as in Canada.

Bill was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. He first “discovered” creative endeavors the age of fourteen, when he began playing drums in a rock band. Within a few years, his love of music and the creative process grew. He cut a record in the late 1960’s and went on to use music as a creative endeavor and passion for the next decade.

His interest in marketing began in the late 1970’s. As an advertising “people” photographer, working in Chicago, he had the opportunity to create successful campaigns for major advertising agencies, design firms, and retailers. “I found I enjoyed the strategy or “creative thinking” part of the ad creation process most,” Bill recalls.

In 2001, Bill found himself in a position many baby boomers experience. The company he was working with sold and Bill was forced into a job search for the first time in ten years. He had too much experience, was making too much money, and was over qualified for the positions available.

With few options, Bill decided to utilize his love of creative thinking, past experience, knowledge, skills, and interest in cutting edge business ideas to launch Develop Your Vision.

Today, he uses his ability to balance creativity with business strategies. He develops systems and step-by-step training programs for businesses that need new ideas and inspiration to grow.

From his perspective Bill Gluth concludes, “When you stop seeing life as an adventure and journey, your vision becomes clouded with limitations instead of cleared by unlimited possibilities.”

Bill conducts seminars, training programs, convention presentations and consulting, nationally. Current projects in development include a new book and training program incorporating golf with the development of the creative business mind. Balancing creativity with business strategies.


This is an engaging and motivating presentation designed to move your audience into creative and focused ACTION. While the keynote presentation is brief, infotainer, Bill Gluth, delivers high charged energy that will inspire every member of the audience to reach for their personal best. With illustrative stories, personal, real-world examples and motivating lessons, Bill delivers an educational message in an entertaining format that will be of enduring and lasting value and capture the imagination of every audience member. Please allow 1 to 1½ hours.

Keynote Plus – For an unforgettable beginning or end to any conference, event, or retreat, The Keynote Plus presentation creates a close bond among participants and presents an entertaining and inspiring message with real world ACTION steps that audiences can use for years to come. Utilizing an experiential format that show participants how to gain focus and clarity, Bill Gluth creates an ideal learning environment; opening participants to explore the full range of talent and skill they possess and incorporate that unique element into every business situation. Because it incorporates exercises not presented in the standard keynote address the Keynote Plus program is an excellent choice when participants need to be motivated into deliberate and consistent action starting today! Please allow 2 to 3 hours.
90-Minute Time Manager – How to Turn Goals into Accomplishments, Consistently. 90 Minute Time Manager will show your team how to get more done in less time and feel good about every day of their life. Learning to control time should be quick and easy to learn. A time management program that involves a lot of reading and that takes a long time to implement is not efficient. As a result, most people won’t do it. 90 Minute Time Manager blends self-discovery with strategic principals, gained from over 100 years of genius thinking and personal development. Participants will learn to reach their goals consistently and remain at their personal best. 90 Minute Time Manager is best suited for groups that share common experiences in their business environment. Sharing ideas and challenges as well as specific ACTION steps to take are included. Please allow 2 to 4 hours.
Human Touch Marketing – Care as the Competitive Edge. The easiest, yet most over looked competitive advantage any company can gain is caring about the result and well being of their clients. However, in today’s super-competitive business climate caring has taken a backseat to other, less effective ideas. Bill Gluth will show your group how to create an I Care Campaign to begin implementing immediately that will expand each participant’s client, referral, and prospect base. Your team will gain new ideas while reinforcing strategies they already know, but may have forgotten. Best suited for groups with common business goals. Includes learning tools, strategies, and handouts. Please allow 3 to 6 hours.
Tap Into Your Genius – Turn Up the Volume on Your Life in Business. Most people associate creative thinking with some sort of magic that only a few “talented” people can actually do. In Tap Into Your Genius, Bill Gluth demonstrates that creative thinking, trust and personal awareness the domain of everyone. All that’s needed is to slow down long enough to focus. Then follow heartfelt inspiration instead of the fast moving, reactive rational mind. Participants will gain greater satisfaction and dramatically better results in their professional and personal efforts. They will learn how to combine feelings with rational thought to create a complete thinking process; leading to better solutions. Even if your team feels like they are not creative Bill Gluth will demonstrate why this is simply not true. Participants will learn how to unleash their true and authentic talent in business and life. Your team will be inspired to trust their creative intuition and use it for greater productivity, stronger results, and significantly increased satisfaction with their career and life. Please allow 4 to 8 hours.
The Creative Business Strategy Training Program – How to be More Creative, Efficient, and Effective – Starting Today! To be really great in business people have to learn how unleash the power of their authentic talent in business to stand out from the crowd and add value to every interaction. Then all they have to do is know how to control just 3-things: time, methods, and mindset Creative Business Strategy Training combines 90 Minute Time Manager, Human Touch Marketing, and Tap Into Your Genius to create a memorable training event that will inspire your group for decades. Your team will gain new ideas, streamlined processes and step-by-step ACTION that will help them focus, gain self-control and move forward with purpose; leaving the competition far behind Please allow 1 to 2 days.
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