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Briana Cavanaugh is the Financial Bliss Mentor she helps businesses who are making a difference in the world transform their finances and become profitable so that they can live their mission and vision rather than worry about money. Briana empowers business owners, teams and the C-Suite to create change within their organizations by building knowledge, confidence, and joy. 

In addition to be a Profit First expert she has over 20 years of experience as a coach and over a decade of accounting expertise, she helps you understand profitability and financial wellness and so that you and your company can live its mission. Because of her own extraordinary journey from tech professional to single welfare mom to successful entrepreneur she been able to to take micro businesses over 6 and 7 figures. Through her practices, businesses achieve increased profits while minimizing chaos and overwhelm.  Briana will teach you how to end the financial feast or famine cycle!



How to End the Financial Feast or Famine Cycle

Do you work a lot and still not make the money you want to make?

Do you get bursts of clients and then get exhausted and run out of money before the next burst?

Make “plenty of money” and wonder why you still come up short at the end of the month?

Have you gotten windfalls and still nothing sticks in savings?

Come learn the keys to financial freedom you’re overlooking and how to get:

  • The 6 Keys to Ending the Financial Feast or Famine Cycle – information, discipline, and motivation that will guide you from overwhelm to financial bliss
  • An immediate sense of calm and clarity about your current money situation
  • A fabulous tool to create alignment between your money, your passion and your life.

The Exciting Gifts of (Financial) Procrastination!

Do you lose time to FaceBook, Twitter or Instagram instead of getting things done? Do you find that you watch more TV, movies or YouTube videos than you really want? Do you sit down to pay bills, but end up … somewhere else (or wish you were)?

Maybe you’re not getting as much done as you really want to and know that you can and you blame yourself. Maybe you think you should just push on through to “make it happen” but often can’t. And it bugs because you see the results in your life:  things aren’t as organized as you want, you don’t quite get to paying down that debt, or those last worrisome few things in your brain. We often get angry or frustrated about not getting everything we want accomplished especially with our money. But really, procrastination gets a bad rap. It really is a useful little tool if you know where to look and how to use it.

Come and dive into what procrastination really is and how it’s actually helped you! Don’t believe me? You’ll have to show up to find the truth!

Come learn:

  • The real reasons why you procrastinate
  • What procrastination really is (and what it isn’t)
  • How to transform procrastination into productivity with ease and fun!


“Briana is an amazing financial coach, her ability to see you with compassion and to inspire you to action will amaze you.” by John Van Dinther

“What I’ve learned from working with Briana is that underneath each financial decision lies an emotional one.  When diving into our family’s finances, we’re also diving into our relationship.  Briana is exceptionally skilled at holding space for these very tender conversations, that always leave us feeling emotionally closer, and clearer about our finances.  Thanks Briana!” – David Schlussel

“Briana brings amazing clarity, knowledge, compassion and excellent communication to our Financial Coaching sessions. She has skills and knowledge that give me the confidence to take on my finances and trust her with my substantial baggage in this area. She consistently offers immense value, I recommend her without reservation if you seek an holistic approach to your finances, alone or with your partner.– Rosy Moon

“I learned so much from working with Briana. I got much more that just than just Financial Coaching, I learned how all aspects of my life are related to money and finances and that when we heal our blocks and clean up our situation, we can have clarity, success and financial freedom. Thank you Briana!” – Alice Moore

“Briana worked with me to teach me how to manage the finances of my company using Quickbooks. I was incredibly impressed by her wealth of knowledge and her great enthusiasm for bookkeeping and for working with me on my relationship to money on a personal and organizational level.  But perhaps even more important to me was her friendly disposition and her caring and patient way of teaching me new things.” – Kati Harris

“Briana brings a wide perspective of what financial health means and how to achieve it–from the emotional challenges to the nitty-gritty practicals of bookkeeping. She is both professional and warm and engaging. I highly recommend her for anyone who wants to bring more integrity to one’s finances, with a great holistic approach.” – Ursula Ferreria

“Briana helped me figure out how to get my credit score back on track.  Briana gave me sound and practical advice on how to work with a secured credit card to build my credit score back up.  She explained it in an easy to understand manner and helped me to understand both the benefits and avoid the pitfalls.  My credit score is now at 795 and I am completely grateful for the financial freedom she has helped me create.” – Caroline Carrington

“Your gentle, kind and compassionate ability to be with me through the midst of my relearning my relationship with money has been such steady support.  Before I started working with you, I was pretty much keeping myself blinded and in denial about finances.  I almost never checked my bank balance.  

With your guidance, I’ve found a path through my resistance and am now learning about money as a spiritual daily practice.  Just recently, you helped me recognize and celebrate the continual successes

I am having as a result of our work together.  Making financial choices with the lights on is meaning I am getting more of what I want, more of the time.  Your work is akin to getting off the diet treadmill.  I feel fresh and new, and open to infinite possibilities in regards to wealth.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.” – Pavini Moray


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