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Passionate & Expert Trainer in Finance & Accounting Made Simple!


Carl Young has a MBA with a concentration in Organization & Management and advanced training in accounting and taxation.  He has over 25 years of experience in senior level finance, accounting and business management positions as a former CFO & CEO. These experiences have equipped him with a broad knowledge of business, finance and accounting. He has over 20 years of teaching and training  experience having taught accounting at the college level and trained over 5,000 non-financial professionals in finance and accounting

He is a passionate, engaging and entertaining speaker who consistently received raves reviews from attendees at his training and speaking sessions. He is completely consumed with customer satisfaction and will do all he can to meet and exceed all expectations.  He works with event planners and customers to understand requirements and specifications prior to the event.  His goal is to focus on meeting or exceeding them doing each presentation.

Despite his vast finance related experiences, he considered a PFA:  People Focused Accountant. PFA.  It also stands for  Pretty Funny Accountant according to attendees at his sessions.

Carl brings humor to  topics traditionally considered dull and uninteresting. His goal is to   entertain as well as educate. His sessions are lively, and audiences have fun while they learn listening to stories, anecdotes, humor wit and wisdom used to make lasting take away points

Honors & Awards

  • Member of the Council of Experts of the investment firm Gerson Lehrman;

Gerson Lehrman Group Scholar (awarded to the top 20% performers)

  • Member of the Society of Industry Leaders sponsored by Standard & Poor’s

Passionate & Expert Trainer in Finance & Accounting Made Simple! Engaging & Entertaining Speaker, Former CFO of $275M Company,  Author, Consultant, Business Coach.

Specializing in Customer Specified Training

Business & Motivational Presentations

Carl Young uses his wide band of experience and expertise to develop customer specified training programs.   Customers  and Business Groups have various and different needs for training of their employees and associates.  He will solicit training specifications and needs from Customers and  structure a training program to fit and fill needs and specifications.  Programs and presentations will be developed, approved by the customers and presented onsite. Carl guarantees to meet and exceed all expectations in these training efforts.

His primary presentation is  Finance & Accounting for Non-Financial Professionals. Today’s challenging business environment requires  non-financial professionals have a basic knowledge in finance & accounting as they take on expanded roles & responsibilities in these chaotic economic times.


Carl Young will provide  essential specialized training solutions to companies and groups in Finance & Accounting-Made Simple! He calls this presentation:

Accounting Myth 2 Meaning! Finance & Accounting for Non-Financial Professionals Made Simple!

This client and attendee focused presentation includes:

  • Foundation & Fundamentals
  • Understanding Financial Statements-using sample statements!
  • Accounting Process-simplified
  • Analyzing Financial Statements-with attendee exercises!
  • Cash Management and Business Success Solutions
  • Q & A to benefit attendees!

About This Session:

  • Thirty minute FREE  preview presentation in person or via webinar
  • Attendees are provided  a Handout in same format as presentation
  •  Certificate of Completion provided each attendee
  •  Session normally requires 6 hours.  Shorter or longer versions can be structured to meet Client and Attendee needs
  • Affordable pricing negotiated with Client/Event Planner
  • Ideally suited for Companies, Business Groups & Chambers of Commerce seeking to train non-financial professionals in finance & accounting


Specified Training available in the Following Areas:

  • Finance & Accounting Made Simple!
  • Business Organization & Management
  • Cash & Working Capital Management
  • Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting
  • Financial Statement Analysis & Decision Making
  • Accounting Processes, Reporting & Internal Controls
  • Inventory Management

About these Sessions:

  • Based completely on customer specifications
  • Expectations established up front and met or exceeded during the training
  • Length of presentation established by Client
  • Pricing negotiated based on specified presentation



About this Session:

  • Primarily suited for business audiences.
  • Provides proven and guaranteed business success formula using R-U-L-E-S
  • R-U-L-E-S based on my professional experiences as CFO of dynamic company that grew from $10 M to $275M in annual revenue
  • Presents essential tools for thriving in chaotic times


  • Business success is all about people!
  • Count numbers to keep score
  • Count on people for much more
  • Numbers only provide results!
  • People provide reasons!

About this Session:

  • Ideally suited for business audiences
  • Challenges audiences to focus on People Pleasing rather than Pencil Pushing!
  • Features People Shaped Solutions for business success based on my over 25 years of experience in senior level finance & management positions


Successful people are dreamers

They dream big dreams and do big things

About this Session:

  • An engaging and entertaining motivational presentation based on my personal experiences and success pursuits
  • Provides a Five Step Formula for personal success
  • Features lots of humor, wit and wisdom


All choices have consequences

About this Session:

  • Basic motivational presentation
  • Challenges audiences to make good Choices
  • Encourages them not take unnecessary changes
  • Points out all decisions result in consequences that can be long lasting


Couples in relationships have mixed and different reactions to finances

About this Session

  • Explores  reactions to finances by couples in relationships
  • A fun filled presentation on managing and maintaining personal and family finances
  • Provides simple tools and techniques using K-I-S-S-E-S



“We thoroughly enjoyed your presentation. Your delivery was engaging and your professional knowledge unimpeachable. By any measure you are an enlightening and stimulating speaker.” – Watson Rice LLP

“You were truly an inspiration in your magnificent and timely talk.”—Delta Sigma Theta Sorority

“You achieved the unthinkable—a standing ovation from our visiting Chinese business group after your 4 hour seminar through an interpreter.” -California State University Fullerton Business Extension

“Your ability to express complicated business models and methods in seimple easy to understand term with lots of wit & wisdom made you an invaluable asset to our entrepreneurial training program.” -FAME Entrepreneurial Training Program Director

“Your presentation was wonderful, we heard nothing but great things about you. You were great!!” – DataBahn, Inc Business Manager


Carl Young’s Rules of the Business Game: It’s All About People!

Thirteen practical rules designed to guide mangers and entrepreneurs to greater productivity and profits.  These rules are based on Carl’s 25 years of experience in senior level finance, accounting, and business management positions and presented in an easy-to-read and understand format.

Recently published Handbook- Small Business Management Made Simple!

Handbook of Helpful Hints and Words of Wisdom! Includes segments on Finances, Pricing, Business Plans, Customer Service, Cash Management, Thriving in Chaotic Times and Much More!

Mini Books:

            R-U-L-E-S and TOOLS FOR THRIVING IN CHAOTIC TIMES-Guaranteed success formula for  thriving in these chaotic business times

PEOPLE PLEASING vs. PENCIL PUSHIN-Leadership and the Soft Side of Business-Challenges financial and business professionals to focus on People as the keys to business success.

FINANCE & ACCOUNTING MADE SIMPLE-Finance and Accounting  are simple if made simple.  This is not a myth it is a meaning!  This E book provides basic foundation and fundamentals of finance & accounting in easy to understand and apply tools and techniques.

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