Catherine DeVrye

2010 Australian keynote speaker of the year

#1 Best-selling author and former Australian executive woman of the year


Since ‘Good Service is Good Business’ became a #1 best seller, most clients requested presentations on customer service. However, after winning the Australian Executive Woman of the Year Award, Catherine is increasingly asked to speak on managing change, and turning obstacles into opportunities in our personal and professional lives. Her latest best sellers cover those topics. ‘Hope Happens!

Words of Encouragement for Tough Times’ was released globally last year and ‘Hot Lemon & Honey-Reflections For Success in Times of Change’, was endorsed by Sir Edmund Hillary and the author of ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’. (her publishers offer special rates for conferences or client giveaways)

As well as high content business presentations, Catherine was given the honor to carry the Olympic Torch on the day of the Opening Ceremony at the Sydney 2000 Olympics and also has a heart warming story of her personal journey from an orphanage in Canada, to a basketball scholarship in the US….which she sometimes shares, depending on your brief and conference theme.

Catherine DeVryes is not a traditional trainer or workshop leader and focuses more on the ‘whys’ than the ‘how to’s’, although she certainly covers practical implementation and easy to apply ‘takeaways’. Rather than telling people what to do, Catherine acts as a catalyst for them to think of their own ways of managing change and improving service within their organization.

Very simply, her goal is to make world-class business principles come to life through practical, everyday examples; combining humor with useful substance. There is thorough research and consultation with you! This ensures that the customized presentation addresses key management issues and reinforces executive messages; as Catherine found from her experience at IBM that it is often difficult for leaders, within an organization, to be a “prophet in your own land.”

Although she was named Australian speaker of the year in 2000, virtually all business is referrals and if you don’t believe she meets the objective of the brief, there is a 100% money back guarantee.

One of the most sought after speakers in Australia today, Catherine is a former university lecturer, who has spoken at local and international conferences. Often published author and frequent broadcaster, she has shared the platform with the Prime Minister and President of the Business Council of Australia.

Catherine DeVrye has spoken on 5 continents and makes the latest research and theory come to life through practical, everyday examples. In presentations to boards or front line personnel, she combines substance with humor to inspire, motivate, and serve as a catalyst to produce the desired outcome. No wonder Sir Edmund Hillary, 1st man on top of Everest and Jack Canfield, co-author of ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’, have endorsed her latest book.

Catherine DeVrye is an outstanding communicator with proven international management experience in the private and public sectors.



  • Good service is good business
  • Boost your bottom line without increasing cost
  • Use service to differentiate you from your competition
  • Gain market share through exceeding customer expectations
  • Fight complacency…. Success today does not equal success tomorrow
  • Increase brand loyalty by turning complaints into opportunities
  • Make minor improvements which make major impacts
  • Conquering the challenge of change
  • Change is inevitable – learning from change is optional
  • The 7 most expensive words in business – ‘We have always done it that way’
  • Turn common sense into common practice
  • Build on past success but recognize that success today doesn’t equal
  • success tomorrow
  • Be victors from change rather than victims of change

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