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International Christian Women’s Keynote Speaker


Charli Pickett is an International Christian Women’s Keynote Speaker. She is an Author, Motivational Speaker, Leadership Trainer, Recording Artist, and Bible Teacher. She is currently co-authoring a book entitled, “5 Steps to Freedom…a Journey to Emotional Rescue.” Charli has ministered in China, Colombia, El Salvador, Honduras, and Mexico. Her mission is to love, encourage, edify, buildup, and set free the women of toda

Charli invites you to join her on a journey to find your outer beauty and inner peace.

“Making The Most With The Least” A Personal Guide to Your Outer Beauty and Inner Peace.


Finding the Queen in You

Queen Esther was prepared for a year to spend one night with the King. We too can enjoy the same inner and outer preparations as she experienced here and now. We know that our Lord is concerned about all that concerns us. His first concern always involves our inner spiritual condition, but He also made us Princesses of Zion. Thus as Esther was prepared in the natural, we too can enjoy and enhance our outer beauty. This conference has two sessions. In the first session we learn that true beauty begins within the inner woman. We learn the meaning of Esther’s natural preparations and how they relate to the Spirit. In the second session we learn the joy of discovering the beauty of the outer woman; by learning how to enhance and maximize all the Lord has given us in our outer appearance. This conference is especially fun since many ladies of the church or organization can become a part of the afternoon session and benefit from it in more ways than one.

Emotional Rescue

This is an engaging teaching on the power of healing and restoration of past hurts and wounds that each of us have experienced in our lives from our childhood up to the present. It enlightens us on how we can maintain our spiritual health and keep these past injuries from happening to us again. It reveals many answers of how and why these things happened, but more important than that, it has the power to change a painful wound into only a scar with a testimony.

Leading Is Really Following

Becoming a leader is much more than being appointed. It is developing a lifestyle that others want to emulate. It is learning how to use the area of influence in our lives to love others into finding that place of leadership in their lives. This is a lesson in training others on how to become leaders that leave legacies, rather than positions.


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