Chipo Shambare


Professional Speaker/Trainer, Facilitator, Spiritual Counselor, Consultant using coaching methods


Chipo Shambare is a Retired Nurse, Midwife Massage Therapist, A Practicing Certified Intuitive and Spiritual Counselor, Motivational/Inspirational Public Speaker, Facilitator, Trainer and Coach based in Ottawa, Canada.

She offers keynotes, workshops, team coaching sessions and consultation services to individuals and groups who want to boost their vital energy, increase their productivity, and live a happier and healthier Heart Filled life.


  • Resolving Inner and Outer Conflict
  • Is there an Inner war going on?
  • Is your team going through some challenges and finding that bottom line is suffering?
  • Some causes for team conflict
  • Ways to observe your own words, thoughts, and feelings
  • How to deal with own Inner conflict which maybe causing outer conflict
  • Am I too tired to……. (Fill in the Blank)
  • Mental. Physical, Emotional or Spiritual tiredness can get in the way of your life.
  • Will look at why people get too tired and why this phenomena gets
  • In your way of being happy, successful, having a happy relationship, your work and of your life.
  • Explore ways to get out of the merry go round
  • Take Inventory and Examine yourself honestly
  • How to take Action
  • Intuition…. the hidden Intelligence
  • Are you using your using your Intuition and Reason as an Partner in the workplace, home or in your whole life.
  • How often to you and your team turn to your gut feeling for guidance
  • Your Definition of Intuition
  • Knowing the difference between Intuition and Reason
  • Exercises to developing your intuition



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