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To heal the world with beautiful music!


The New Woman

In 2012 Cynthia began a fascinating journey through history. It was from there her historical novel, PEARL was born. As one woman put it, “This should be mandatory reading for all women.” Self-esteem  and self-empowerment. is the key issue in this talk. THE NEW WOMAN is especially a hit with women’s groups. Cynthia will bring to light facts that will amaze you. Learn more about PEARL here

Music for a Powerful Soul-ution

In this upbeat, extremely entertaining program Cynthia demonstrates three simple ways to use music to dramatically change your life. Be prepared for a very fun life changing experience. Cynthia will show you how to music are a powerful catalyst to accelerate manifesting your intentions, whatever they may be. Not only will you be enlightened to some amazing insights, you will actually experience and have a new  awareness of the power of music like never before. Guaranteed!


Music is the oldest medicine known to man. In this program Cynthia will captivate you with her upbeat approach to overall wellness and show you how to use music effectively to create a positive state of well being. You will learn how music can make a significant difference in healing physical and mental health. This is a must for people in the wellness profession.

We will customize our workshop for the needs of your group. We are able to give seminars from 1 hour to 7 days long. You will learn and experience exercises that utilize the power of music capable of making significant changes in your life.

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