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Leadership is a process by which the leader is transformed so that he/she can help transform the lives of others. In order to be an effective leader, one must develop the attitude of a leader. Whether your students have a formal title of a leader or have not moved into that position yet, anyone can benefit from this presentation and become the best leader possible. Great leaders understand how to inspire everyone around them – their friends, family and associates, strive for excellence regardless to their circumstances – because they are inspired themselves. Curtis is on a mission inspire and challenge your student leaders to start a movement that will get others involved and keep them involved. Curtis’ presentation is powerful, funny and compelling. This program is the bridge between your organization and the rest of the workforce. This program is booked year after year by organizations who want to increase involvement and raise the overall health of their organizations.

Learning Outcomes:

1. Participants will discover 5 surprising secrets to becoming a great leader.

2. Participants will find out how to inspire and motivate those around you.

3. Participants will recognize how you can impact your campus and the world around you.

Creating “US”: Erasing The Walls Of Separation

In today’s rapidly changing world, people need to develop a deeper understanding of what diversity really means. Tackling diversity should consist of a lot more than just compliance and affirmative action. Inclusion is the key – being aware of those around you and not only respecting them, but having a true appreciation for them and their differences. “Creating US” is designed to build an inclusive organization where people from diverse backgrounds work together for a common purpose. Curtis will deal with 4 major areas: Unconscious Biases: “You”, Working Together: “Them”, Building a Diverse Team: “US” and Getting Involved: “I’m In”. This program is booked by schools who desire to have those tough conversations in a non-threatening manner to change the cultural complexion of their campuses.

Learning Outcomes:

1. Participants will develop insight and understanding of their own story and how it shapes their racial lens.

2. Participants will increase their understanding of how racial stereotypes impact learning

3. Participants will be able to understand the underlying hidden messages that increase tension across


Mistakes, failures, and rejections are all a part of being human. Many people don’t handle a setback well and see it as a time to quit. Curtis is somewhat of an expert on setbacks, and has more than a few fascinating stories to tell on this topic. If your group or organization is stuck and needs a shot in the arm, this presentation is right for you! Curtis is living proof that giving up should never be an option; he will let you in on the secrets to success and the 5 steps he took to turn his life around when he had setbacks. A captivatingly powerful presentation that will get everyone back up and running.

Learning Outcomes:

1. Participants will learn the 5 steps to bouncing back from a setback.

2. Participants will discover how to effectively communicate with others and express your reality.

3. Participants will create an actual 3-step plan to chart a new path for your life.

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“Thank you for speaking to all of us! THE ONLY SPEAKER I HAVE EVER SAT THROUGH AND LISTENED TO THE WHOLE ENTIRE TIME. You are the top of the line speaker!” – Mercedes Kim, Northland Community & Technical College

“Curtis Hill is a big deal!!!!” – Brian Raftevold, Student Advisor M State Moorhead

“Curtis Hill is a great speaker that can engage with a diversified audience. Curtis analogies and variety of profound subjects will have you anticipating what he will say next. His personality gives him the advantage to capture the attention of young adults, and adults. With his energy and passion he is sure to cultivate the minds of his audience.” -Brian T. McCain, Jr., Southern University and A&M College, Member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc.

“Curtis was very quick to recognize exactly who his audience was and to identify with them at any level. The enthusiasm that he omitted to the audience was truly amazing. I can honestly say that he proved to be one of the most personal speakers invited to the campus. I feel that he really made a difference. Before leaving I asked Curtis how was the session and he told me, “As long as I know I touched the heart of one student I know that my job was done. He not only touched one student he touched many.– Kimberly Washington, DePaul University, President, Black Student Union

“Curtis Hill is the type of speaker that connects with his audience with his honest and true experiences. He is intelligent with the perfect mix of humor. With his amazing story telling ability, he is able to reach students where they are and motivate them to new levels. His message is unique for college students, universities and young professionals. After listening to him speak, you leave wanting more from him but most importantly wanting more for yourself.” -Rajeeyah Muhammad, Hampton University, Member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.

“Curtis did an excellent job. He was honest, insightful and encouraging. The audience was extremely interested in his message. He has a great presence, and is a talented speaker. After the lecture, the students stayed and asked questions. He motivated them and made them think about a lot of issues. We will definitely have Curtis back for another lecture or workshop.” – Helen Manley, Prairie State College, Coordinator of Student Life

“I am beyond blessed to have experienced a great message from Curtis Hill. His delivery was phenomenal, no matter what background you are from, he can reach you. His words were powerfully encouraging and overall motivated me to believe in myself and leadership skills. I left in tears, not only because his encouraging message related to my life, but because he was hilarious and he used his life as an example also. Everything he shared pulled me closer to wanting to share my testimonies and help people as he does…he was truly amazing I want to hear him again, and again!” – Tirana Smith, Lakeland College, Member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc.

“After listening to the presentation in person, I agree that Curtis can be a powerful force on any campus. Curtis’s discussion about leadership and self-awareness was outstanding. Because of hi life experiences, Curtis’s message really touched some of our students personally. For these students, seeing the successes Curtis has achieved regardless of his adversity gives them the belief that they can make their dreams realities. I would highly recommend Curtis to anyone who wants to give their students or staff first-hand knowledge of will, desire and the ability to succeed.” – John Stoltzenburg, Lincoln College, Director of Student Activities

“Curtis Hill is a remarkable speaker. He interacts with his audience using his life experiences. He gets through to the audience with jokes and very compelling stories. I would describe his prostrations as visual, impactful and comical.”  – Teri Steele, Atlanta Metropolitan State College

“Curtis I would like to personally thank you for speaking at our first, “Back to School Survival Retreat.” Your message prepared parents, students and educators with the tools needed to return to school. Our young people were talking about your message for months after the retreat. We are requesting that you be our speaker for our next retreat.” – Tannie Elmore, Event Coordinator For College Students in District # 8 E.D.

“Curtis’ unique approach captured me and there wasn’t a moment that I am not engaged. I just finished up four years of women’s basketball at the collegiate level and there are always guest speakers, but what sets Curtis apart is, he will not only motivate you, but after the presentation, he wants to build a relationship with his participants and help them continue to grow.” – Jasmine Thompson, University of Central Missouri

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