Deena Gray-Johnson


Professional Speaker, Life Coach and Facilitator of Awesomeness


About Deena Gray-Johnson

Awesomeness After Adversity, a company that offers life coaching, was founded by Deena Gray-Johnson who was born to mentally handicapped parents and a product of the foster care system. Deena Gray-Johnson has taken the misfortunes of her past, abuse, rape, homelessness and teen pregnancy, along with her degree in human services to help others realize that adversity does not define destiny.  In addition, she mentors young girls, especially those in the foster care system, and pregnant

teens.  Deena has a strong sense of public service, donating her time to the homeless, women’s shelters, and at-risk youth organizations. She is a trained Independent Living Skills Educationist who uses a specific curriculum to train organizations on life skills assessments, and also facilitates workshops for different specialties.  Deena spends much of her time speaking publicly about her past misfortunes, as a means of encouraging others.


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