Dennis Golden

Dennis is the personal security expert behind IM-SAFE, a personal security firm located in Simsbury CT. Dennis likes to say he has well over 50 years of experience in personal security training. “When you have a grandfather who was a NYC Policeman and a father who headed up security for an international financial institution – breakfast, lunch and dinner conversations sort of just centered on personal security”.

But the real lesson he learned was that there is tremendous difference in how law enforcement approached security vs. the very different needs of business people. Police tactics, while effective in some circumstances, are not always appropriate in many business settings and can generate negative consequences.

Dennis is a certified self-defense instructor and entertaining speaker who has lectured and taught thousands of individuals and he has certified hundreds of instructors over the past decade.

A member of the American Society of Law Enforcement Trainers, Dennis is recognized by multiple national organizations including the Police Officers Safety Association. He is a member of the American Women’s Self Defense Association and has been certified by S&W as an instructor. He has served on the teaching staff of the Northeastern Tactical Schools and has conducted programs for both Federal Security personnel and a variety of law enforcement personnel.

“Police and military are trained to seek out danger. By contrast we show people how to avoid confrontations by disengaging to achieve a significant strategic advantage. We don’t encourage “force on force” solutions but if all other options fail we demonstrate some simple steps anyone can take use to resolve an issue”.

“I like to empower people with practical skills that enables them not to become a crime victim. When all is said and done, you are the only one responsible for your personal safety”.

Anyone with a basic understanding of personal safety understands that awareness is the cornerstone of any program.

Keynote topics

Dennis begins with this basic “BE AWARE” building block then works interactively with his audience, helping each individual gain insight into how to build inner personal strength and develop a realistic understanding of how to become self-reliant in a variety of environments.

Seminar and workshop topics

  • Street smarts – It’s more than walking with your head up and looking around for people who seem out of place. And while that is good advice it does not go far enough. You need to know how a predator thinks, You need to know how to use “criminal thinking” to gain an advantage. In this seminar, Dennis opens up the world of how street criminals think and plan, how they select their victims and how easy it is to blunt their efforts on the street, in parking lots, elevators even at your front door.
  •  Stop work place violence – Today workplace violence has reached epidemic proportions. This seminar will show you how to recognize the 7 warning signs and symptoms. Learn what you can do to protect yourself and learn some simple steps you can take to stop people from yelling, fighting, or otherwise engaged in disruptive behavior. Learn how to turn off your inner voice and do the unexpected to resolve issues.
  • Personal safety – Would you freeze, flee or fight? This seminar takes an in-depth look at how to insure your personal safety in a variety of environments. Some discussion items include: Be safe while traveling. Things hotels don’t tell you and never will. What to do if you are being carjacked. Tips for college students or anyone living in a multi-family residence. Learn the advantages of planting defensive shrubbery and how you can conduct either a home or office security check. You’ll learn how to develop an escape plan. Finally, you will learn how to build an experience library that could save your life or the lives of your co-workers or loved ones.
  •  Women’s safety – This “For Women Only” seminar or workshop shows women of all ages what defensive steps they can take to avoid becoming a victim at work, while traveling or at home. Learn what to do if confronted by an attacker. You will learn how to deal with stalkers and learn effective rape prevention techniques that will give you a significant and unexpected advantage.
  •  Identity theft – This may just be the fastest growing crime in America today. Law enforcement cannot keep up and everyone is a potential target. Some estimates suggest that ID theft skyrocketed by 2000% last year along with almost 30 Million people affected in the last 5 years. The worst part is that this is a crime that often goes unpunished because so few ever get caught. The only one who suffers is the victim and the victim’s reputation. It can take months to unravel just one ID theft.
  •  Senior safety – As the baby boomers age and move into the ranks of “seasoned citizens” they not only face adjusting to a whole new way of life they also learn that a new set of potential risks can appear on the horizon. Financial scams, physical abuse and more can take in even the most savvy of seniors. Aging eyes, slower reflexes and even the effects of some prescription drugs can make today’s senior a prime target for physical assault. This seminar focuses on some of the timeliest scams now being used.
  •  Realtor safety – Imagine being alone in a deserted home or office building with perfect strangers. Real Estate agents do it every day and each year hundreds are assaulted, robbed, or killed while working. This seminar focus is on how agents can security screen prospects, how to show a facility, and how not to get trapped in a building with someone intent on doing you harm. We shift agent attention to think safety and security while on the job.

Hands on Skill Classes

Dennis Golden teaches a variety of defensive skills for those who are comfortable using self-defense techniques against a determined opponent. These skill classes include:

  • Rape prevention
  • Personal protection
  • Concealed carry protection
  • Force on force
  • Defensive knife and defensive spray

Dennis Golden also teaches basic firearm skills to anyone interested in learning more about how firearms function or about their safe use. These classes include: home firearm safety, rifle, pistol, and shotgun. For students wishing to advance further we offer instructor level certifications for all modern firearms.


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