Donna Johnson


Professional Speaker and Confidence Coach


My mission statement is simple, yet profound: to globally represent what the everyday woman can overcome and become when you begin to love yourself, define your passion, and serve others.

You could never accuse Donna of not living up to her mission. She is a mom, sister, daughter, friend, speaker, and coach who’s taking her experiences – both good and bad – and helping others beat the odds and achieve success.

Donna’s repertoire includes below average grades while in high school, the loss of her father at the age of 18, and becoming a victim of domestic violence in her early 20’s. She’d had at least 15 jobs by the time she was 22 years old. In 1994, she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl and realized that she needed stability and a steady income to raise her daughter on her own. Being a single parent was truly a blessing, although at times it didn’t always appear to be.

Over the next 14 years, Donna rose from entry level positions to management roles. She was a respected leader because she treated her teams fairly and didn’t mind rolling up her sleeves to help get the job done. Donna is an innate risk taker and embarked upon many failed business endeavors. But her passion for speaking and the ability to draw in her listeners proved to be a winning combination that fueled and satisfied her entrepreneurial hunger. Donna is now sharing her story with the world and inspiring others to overcome adversity, fear, and self-imposed limitations that would otherwise prevent them from reaching their full potential.

Her candidness and raw talent add to her unconventional approach to empowerment.


  • Conquering F.E.A.R. Frantic Efforts that get Amazing Results
  • Windows of Opportunity How to Harness a Positive Customer Experience
  • Marketing on a Tightrope Budget  No-fluff, No-bluff Strategies to Increase Your Bottom Line
  • Dollars and Sense Maximizing the Outcome of Your Income
  • The Home-Work Compromise  A Struggle to Juggle


Donna speaks as a guest on both television and radio and is a quoted expert in print media as well.

  • Forbes Woman – Donna contributed to Forbes Woman’s 12 Things Every Business Professional Should Know
  • Redbook Magazine Read Donna’s story in Redbook magazine
  • FOX News – Donna speaks to FOX Austin about self-employment and taking action in this economy
  • KVUE


I truly enjoyed this session. I feel as though I will be able to transfer this into my daily life. Thank you!”

I’ve already realized that I need to make changes in my life and you’ve clarified that even more and pointed me in the right direction.”


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