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Dr. Brenda Shoshanna is a psychologist in practice for over 28 years, long term student of meditation, award winning author and speaker. She has offered over 500 talks and workshops on all aspects of personal and spiritual development, relationship building, and creating authentic peace of mind.

Dr. Shoshanna is a top selling author and a renown New York state licensed psychologist. Appearing regularly on national TV and radio, she offers relationship advice, therapy and counseling to individuals, couples and worldwide audiences.


1. The Choice  (Open the mind, heal the heart, make everyday worthwhile) A Direct Path to Inner Freedom and Fulfillment

  • Release stress and disappointment
  • Let go of the things that steal your peace of mind
  • Look at the ways you handle problems
  • See why they do not work
  • Find a new way that does
  • Begin to make powerful, life giving choices
  • Attain authentic well being

The Choice presents a unique process, especially designed to show you how to free yourself from upset, conflict, disappointment, and experience well being, no matter what is going on.

The program provides time tested techniques for letting go, centering, releasing negativity and making room for that which is new and valuable to appear in your life. In the process you learn how to handle change, open your mind, forgive, and create uplifting, supportive relationships both with others and with yourself. As you free yourself from past errors and confusion, your basic strength and inner resources become available for you  to live a rewarding life.

This program is a direct path to your inner freedom and physical, mental and emotional well being.

Tools you will become skilled at:

  • Releasing: Letting Go of Stress and Negative Emotions
  • The Power of Choice
  • Developing Focus
  • Accessing Intuitive Knowing
  • Undoing the Control of Others
  • Empowering Communication

2. Relationships as Spiritual Practice

Relationships are a powerful spiritual practice. As we view each person who comes to us as a gift and as our teacher, we are able to see relationships in an entirely new way. We can also see the ways in which we may still be in the grip of anger, fear, possessiveness or judgment. In this program we go over the trouble spots in relationships, including jealousy, misunderstandings, boredom, lies, and offer new ways of working with them. We discover ways of giving up false expectations, developing parental mind and learning to nourish others and ourselves. In this process true connection with self and others develop, along with fulfillment and joy.

Some of the topics covered include:

  •  Becoming Available
  • Doing Nothing (Releasing Control)
  • Cleaning House (Emptying Yourself)
  • Being There for Others
  • Learning to Nourish Others and Yourself
  • Dealing With Blows
  • Working on Problems
  • Discovering the Difference between Real and Counterfeit Love

(Specific tools and instructions are included, along with interactive exercises and discussion).

3. From the Zen Mountain to the Couch “Every day is a good day.”  Ummon

Every day is a good day, but it can be hard to experience that. In the midst of our lives, hungry, thirsty and often weary, there comes a moment when we stop and wonder, “Is this all there is? Is there another way to live my life that will bring the joy and contentment that eludes me?” More than ever now, it is useful to look beyond our usual ways of living.

As we learn and apply the ancient practice and principles of Zen to our lives, our sense of loneliness and insecurity fade away. We find ways of feeding our hungry hearts, quieting our turbulent minds and discovering balance, clarity and resilience.  These simple teachings and practice not only restore strength and enthusiasm, but bring value and hope to all we interact with. They allow us to connect with what is truly essential and have a direct taste of what is possible in life.

This program integrates the practice of Zen with everyday life.

Some topics covered include:

  • Basic Principles of Zen practice
  • Instruction in Zen meditation
  • Mindfulness in Everyday Life
  • Simplifying
  • The Power of Silence
  • Developing a grateful mind

Dr. Brenda Shoshanna available to talk to your community. Her programs can be customized based upon your needs.


Dr. Brenda Shoshanna books include: The Anger Diet (30 Days to Stress Free Living), Zen and the Art of Falling in Love, Zen Miracles (Finding Peace in An Insane World), What He Can’t Tell You and Needs to Say, and more.

Fearless: The 7 Principles of Peace of Mind by Dr. Brenda Shoshanna, Ph.D. psychologist

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