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Aiding volunteers, laity, church staff, churches and religious organization leaders


Dr. Charles Parrish finally gave in to all the people who told him for years “You would be a great motivational speaker.” After 27 years working with churches and religious organizations, the last 17 as a Pastor, Dr. Parrish has taken the plunge – and they where right….he is a great motivational speaker! Taking lessons from his professional experience, including years of leading seminars, keynote speaking, and consulting, Dr. Parrish and applies his expertise in aiding volunteers, laity, church staff, churches and religious organization leaders be more creative and innovative and resultantly, more effective!


Every leader needs a navigator – Every ship has a captain, but every captain needs a navigator- someone to keep the ship on course, someone who’s been there and knows the way. Someone who can help the ship sail from where it is, to where the captain needs it to be. Dr. Parrish is that navigator! He can guide you out of the harbor and off to a good start. He can guide you through the doldrums when nothing seems to go right and knows how to deal with both the pirates and mutineers. He can guide you safely in to your destination and help you map out the next great adventure.

The Key to Success: Innovation – Every ministry has its surprises. No enterprise ever goes exactly the way it is planned at the start. So the successful leader has to be creative and innovative. Church leaders, lay leaders, and religious organizational leadership alike need to be able to develop new, innovative systems to meet the demands of change. Additionally, churches and religious groups need to constantly be in a cycle of creative innovation in order to produce new programs or ministry’s to maintain success once achieved. Dr. Parrish can help you develop an environment conducive to innovation, where creativity flows freely from the bottom to the top and back again.

So, what does Dr Charles Parrish give you?

Extensive experience as a proven religious leader

Exceptional speaking and communication skills combining knowledge, wisdom, and humor

A skilled navigator who can help you take your church, ministry or religious organization from where you are to where you want to be

The rare combination of motivator who can both do and teach

A faithful Navigator always stays at his post till the ship is safely in port!

  • America’s Edge in the Global Economy: Innovation. As America’s manufacturing base moves to Asia; and China produces more engineers than the USA can ever match; and Russian and Euro economies continue to improve, what will keep America at the top of the global economic food chain? Innovation!! This speech and/or seminar will demonstrate how you, your company and/or your organization can create an environment, product and systems with innovation that will put you and your company at the top and keep you there!
  • Bridging the Gap Between Business and Education. As American businesses change dramatically to meet the challenges of a new global economy, American education has slowly been moving in an almost opposite direction. The result is a gap between what our education system is producing and what our business need. This speech and/or seminar will address how this gap can be bridged and how business can and must facilitate the process.
  • Successful Navigation: Taking Your Business, Your Career, Your Life From Where You Are To Where You Want To Be. A business, a career, a life can all be compared to a voyage across a great ocean in an old sailing ship. You need a good start, to stay on course, get through the tough times, and finally safely reach your destination. This speech will inspire you to set out for the deep water and reach your dreams.
  • Imaginology.Imagination is a major omission in today’s business, political, and educational systems. Imaginology will push you to open your mind to the possibilities that exist around you. Reality is such an inadequate way to look at the world!
  • Discovering the Leader Within You. Quit trying to be someone you’re not. Find your own leadership style inside you waiting there to be discovered! Learn how you can be the leader you always knew you could be!
  • Staying Fresh: Reframing, Rethinking, Recharging. When the Inbox keeps getting more and more full, when the 25th dumb phone call rings before lunch and you’re ready to walk out the door and just keep walking, it’s time to discover the 3 R’s so you can find new life in that old job.
  • Courageous Ethics. In a world where it seems everybody cuts corners, it must be OK then, right? And in a world where technology and biomedical advances are changing our options every day, its all good, right? Wrong and Wrong!! Today one must think through all the options, find what’s right, then have the courage to act on it!
  • Damage Control: Staying Afloat No Matter What. Over 90% of all small businesses fail and many (most?) business struggle. Why? The reasons are many, most are common, but often it is it is because when the inevitable crisis comes leaders make too many mistakes. Learn how to respond rightly and keep the ship afloat!
  • Sailing With A Happy Crew. Being a leader is not unlike being the Captain of a ship, but which Captain: John Paul Jones or Bligh? Learn how to always have a happy crew in your workplace!

All of the above speeches are also available as full seminars, (and vice versa and can be 1 – 4 hours in length.


  • Additional business seminars include:
  • Visionary Leadership: Taking Business, Politics, and Education into the Next Era
  • Turning Followers into Leaders Vocational Rediscovery: Reclaiming Purpose and Passion
  • Solid Gold Marketing On A Brick and Mortar Budget
  • You Can Lead A School of Excellence
  • Reclaiming Physical Education: Toward A Holistic Education
  • Creative Financing: Reaching in the Other Pocket
  • Laws Don’t Make Better Teachers
  • World Class Training for World Class Teachers
  • Ethics and Contemporary Education
  • Truth, Justice, and the American Way…Even On A Wednesday
  • Receiving an Education vs. Passing the Test

Consulting services

The Navigator Consulting Group takes a different approach to consulting as opposed to most other consulting companies. The traditional method is where a consultant comes in, works on a short term project, and is soon gone, usually leaving a never-to-be-read report behind.

The Navigator Consulting Group seeks to partner with its clients with a mutually renewable one-year agreement. We do this to ensure the overall health of the client’s company.

They will come in, diagnose the problem, prescribe a solution to the problem, and then work with the client to see the process through step-by-step.

Dr. Charles A. Parrish is the Navigator who can help you, your business, your organization, your industry find the right course, stay on course, and SUCCESSFULLY reach the right goal and destination.