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Dr. Debra Mandel, aka “Dr. Debra”, nationally renowned psychologist, author, radio show host, and columnist, has over 20 years experience helping people overcome adversity and learn how to THRIVE.

Whether in private practice, in front of the microphone, with a live audience, on television, radio or in print, Dr. Debra’s compassionate and dynamic style inspires people to make positive, lasting changes. She is the author of the book, Healing the Sensitive Heart: how to stop getting hurt, build your inner strength, and find the love you deserve, and two CDs, Creating Healthy Boundaries in the Workplace and The Abuser Friendly Syndrome. Dr. Debra’s forthcoming book, Your Boss is Not Your Mother (Agate Publishing) will be released in March 2006.

Dr. Debra has been a featured guest expert on over 200 radio shows, numerous television spots and quoted in several major national magazines. She has appeared as a regular guest expert on the nationally syndicated television show, The Larry Elder Show. Incorporating humor with compassion, she delivers a dynamic message of how to overcome adversity and achieve the ultimate goals of fulfillment and happiness. Her audiences range from people seeking personal growth to corporate managers seeking tools to improve workplace environments to professionals who promote health and well-being to those whom they serve.


  • Transforming a sensitive heart into a healthy heart.
  • Creating healthy boundaries in the workplace
  • Breaking free from the abuser friendly syndrome
  • Managing stress in a quick fix societyTrauma in children – notice the signs!
  • Reversing the effects of work-related stress on your mental well being
  • Say goodbye to workplace drama: 9 steps to positive relationshipsJuggling commitments of career and familyAttitudes are contagious … is yours worth catching?
  • How to deal with the overachiever and the underachiever in your office




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