Gary Copeland, PhD


Gary has successfully led both corporations and individuals through organizational changes for 30 years. He works with each client individually to assess the needs of the people in the organization and develop an action plan to resolve the organization’s issues.

The plan empowers employees with the valuable work and life skills that will increase their confidence and subsequently increase their resilience and flexibility in transforming environments. He can help organizations manage this journey from assessment through to planning, training, coaching, and consulting.

Gary’s mission is to help people process the emotional and relational impact of change and master additional people and work-related skills to improve their work and their lives. He specializes in building programs to meet client’s needs and objectives. He always makes sure he is there through implementation and follow-through of organizational plans.

Gary Copeland has dealt with a lot of change. As a university professor, a professional speaker and consultant, and pastor of three churches, he has used his insight, wit and wisdom to help others adapt and grow over the past three decades.

Major personal and professional challenges shifted him into professional speaking in 1993 and since then he has helped people at Tokio Marine, Colorado Association of Family & Children’s Agencies, Richfield Hospitality, Inc., New Mexico Recreation & Parks Association, Sanford Corporation, Frontier Airlines, Qwest, S.P. Richards, as well as many other organizations and associations adjust to change.

His dynamic keynotes and workshops take him coast-to-coast teaching people resiliency, change management, diversity, communications, customer service, stress and leadership. He is currently licensed to deliver Who Moved My Cheese?™ workshops, seminars and keynote presentations based upon the international bestseller of the same title by Spencer Johnson.

As one of his peers, Vilis Ozols, recently said, “Gary Copeland reminds you of the phrase – still waters run deep. He personifies self-confidence in everything he does, with a sense of quiet dignity and an abundance of class. Yet, the moment you receive the benefit of his knowledge, whether it is through his writing, in a formal, charismatic presentation, or in a one-on-one conversation, you will be blown away by his eloquence and by what can only be described as insight.”

Keynote and seminars topics

Change & Stress Management Series

  • Who moved my cheese? Based on the best selling book by Spencer Johnson, this seminar helps participants find better ways to succeed and thrive in changing times.
  • Coping with stress Participants identify stressors, develop effective coping resources, and create strategies for positive change and life balance.
  • Transition: Your Personal Path Through Change: Designed around William Bridge’s 3-phase transition model of endings, the neutral zone, and new beginnings, providing a road map to guide people from resistance to acceptance to action.
  • Handling Change Without Collapse. Helps participants understand the difference between change we choose and change that chooses us. Attitude is key in this discussion.
  • When change is not optional. Takes participants from forced change, through a grief cycle, to a change of attitude, and then through a hope cycle.
  • Moving forward without a map. Key insights to apply to today’s business, drawing from unusual, dangerous, exciting or tedious experiences on the Oregon Trail. Leadership Series
  • Persons of Positive Influence. Leadership is seen in four key areas — character, analysis, accomplishment, and interaction. Develops leaders at all levels.
  •  Self Management/Time Mastery. Find innovative ways to achieve goals, pay attention to the competition, respond quickly to customer needs, and enjoy life outside of work is even more intense in today’s less structured, information-driven workplace.
  • Understanding yourself and others. Heightens persons awareness enabling leaders to better relate to other, promote cooperation and work well as a team.
  • Public speaking can be fun. Most people don’t think so. How to get ready, assess the audience, gather the material, and have fun throughout the process. Customer Service Series
  • Customer service finesse. Finesse: The ability to handle delicate and difficult situations skillfully and diplomatically (Webster).
  • Respect for all people (Diversity) Helps participants gain insight, take action, value diversity, and build bridges to understanding and trust.
  • Two ears one mouth (Listening). Trains participants to become active, purposeful listeners in a wide variety of situations for more productive communication. Team Development Series
  • Team energy together. Understand stages of team effectiveness and development. Identify communication styles and learn to capitalize on the similarities and differences.
  • Leading & motivating in challenging times. Robert Schuller says, “Tough times never last, but tough people do!”. Learn how you can produce positive, caring, tough people in turbulent times.


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