Pamela B. Johnson, PhD


Dr Pamela B. Johnson is an expert in multicultural leadership development with more than 20 years of experience as a practitioner, educator, trainer, and consultant. As a private practitioner, Dr. Johnson has successfully facilitated multicultural individual and group counseling and coaching. As an educator, she is a university Professor teaching masters-level courses in multicultural counseling, human behavior, and management development. As a trainer and consultant, Dr. Johnson has worked with private and public organizational executives, leadership candidates, and staff on cultural and gender diversity, multicultural leadership development, and discrimination/harassment issues.

Dr Johnson is an author whose most recent article, Diversititis … is there a cure?, has been published in numerous magazines including: Minority Business News USA, Diversity, Women’s Enterprise, Diversity Texas, and Minority Business News Texas. She has also developed the Cultural Continuum Theory™ and Corporate Kaleidoscope™, parts of a Multicultural Leadership Development Process. She is an international speaker and trainer.

Dr Johnson presented at the International Association of Career Firms 2004 Conference in Prague, Czech Republic. Dr. Johnson believes that while the organization has a responsibility to develop and implement diversity initiatives, that responsibility also lies within each and every member of the organization at every level. She says, “Each individual must ‘get honest’ with themselves and take responsibility for their own stereotypes, bias and behaviors.”

Dr Johnson holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communications, a Masters of Arts Degree in Human Behavior and Business, a Masters of Science Degree in Counseling and Guidance, and a Doctorate Degree of Education, majoring in Counseling and Guidance with a minor in Business Management. She is a Certified Dispute Mediator, a Licensed Professional Counselor by the State of Texas, and National Certified Counselor.

Keynote topics

Pamela does group facilitation and speaking … depending on the subject matter.

Speaking topics

  • Diversity
  • Multicultural leadership development
  • Training topics
  • Diversity
  • Multicultural leadership development
  • Leadership
  • Supervision
  • Sexual harassment
  • Team work
  • Customer service
  • Conflict management
  • Stress management
  • Communication skills
  • DiSC behavioral styles
  • Coaching skills
  • Employee value expectations


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