Elizabeth Hagen


Nationally recognized business coach, professional speaker, organization expert, and author

Elizabeth Hagen helps extraordinary women embrace their gifts and ignite their confidence so they can do more of the great work they’ve been called to do.


Nationally recognized business coach, professional speaker, organization expert, and author Elizabeth Hagen started her consulting business in 2000, after nineteen years as a stay-at-home mother to five incredible children.

Through her presentations all across the U.S. and personal coaching Elizabeth’s humor, empathetic honesty, and common sense have encouraged thousands to put her proven strategies and practical tips in place to help others step up to the plate and make something great happen in their life and work.

Elizabeth is a Certified Professional Organizer, the author of Organize with Confidence, Confidence: Now is Your Time, and Growing Your Business with Confidence.  She is a Certified Personality Trainer through CLASS (Christian Leaders, Authors, and Speaker Services), member of NSA (National Speakers Association) and NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizers.

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Now Is Your Time:  The Steps to be Fearless and Extraordinary

Speaker, author, business coach, organizing expert, mom, and wife, Elizabeth Hagen will share stories that offer dramatic lessons she’s learned to help you start loving who you are and what you do right now. You’ll discover the peace and beauty of taking responsibility for where you are and who you want to become. You’ll learn, as she did, how to give yourself permission to be the person you were born to be.

Now is Your Time: The Steps to be Fearless and Extraordinary encourages you to build your confidence without waiting. Embrace the lessons from Elizabeth’s presentation and you’ll have:

  • more courage to live your life fully,
  • more productivity in everything you do
  • more focus on what’s important to you,
  • more momentum to catapult you toward your dreams, and

Growing Your Business with Confidence

Are your people ready to accelerate their success and grow their business? Then this presentation is perfect for your next event!

Elizabeth Hagen is the right speaker for your meeting or event, if…

  • Your group consists of business owners, or independent professionals
  • You want them to reach a higher level of success
  • They want to sell more products and services
  • You want a content-rich presentation, laced with a unique style of humor

After your group hears Growing Your Business with Confidence they will have more:

  • Focus
  • Prospects
  • Confidence
  • Clients

They will grow their business confidently!

Organize with Confidence

Are your people feeling guilty and overwhelmed? Invite Elizabeth to deliver this dynamic presentation on organizing with confidence! She gives people the tools to reclaim control of their personal and professional lives—instantly.

This presentation is ideal for organizations that want to teach their people how to take action and get more done in less time.

Elizabeth not only teaches easy-to-use techniques in a fun way, she motivates you to take action. You will leave her presentation inspired with a new sense of purpose and confidence. Things get better. Life gets easier. Positive results happen, both on and off the job.



  1. Organize with Confidence:  Simplify Your Life and Make Every Moment Count – http://www.OrganizewithConfidence.com
  2. Confidence: Now is Your Time – 31 Days to a More Extraordinary You – http://www.TheConfidenceBook.com
  3. Growing Your Business with Confidence: A Practical Approach and Proven System for Accelerating Your Success – http://www.TheConfidentBusiness.com
  4. Speak Now & Forever Get New Clients – http://www.elizabethhagen.com/speaknow/


“Elizabeth has the rare ability to take an ordinary gathering and turn it into a life-changing experience for those who hear her. From organizing your stuff to organizing your life, she draws upon personal and profound experiences that have helped her become successful in her life, work, marriage, and family. She walks the walk, and talks the talk! Book her today!”   – Mark LeBlanc, Past President of the National Speakers Association, Author of Growing Your Business!   La Jolla, CA

“It is not easy to keep the attention of 650+ people, especially sales type people, and have them focus on a topic such as organization. However, Elizabeth pulled it off in a beautiful way. I have utter respect for anyone who can be as organized as she is and even more so for one who can teach it with the passion and specific instruction that she delivers.  I would highly recommend her program to any organization or company that cares about bringing some organization and timesaving techniques to what is very costly chaotic confusion.”  – Terry Weaver, President, Marketing & Sales Institute Inc.  Bluffton, SC

“Elizabeth Hagen is informative, entertaining, and motivating. Her conviction that being organized builds confidence, combined with her desire to help others get their lives (and desks!) together, makes her audiences want to do what she says. Elizabeth gets results!”  – Samuel Patrick Smith. President, SPS Publications, Eustis, FL 

“Elizabeth’s workshop was an excellent tool for me. First, to organize myself mentally, and secondly, to put it into practice. Elizabeth assured me that this is not a quick process and it’s OK to throw things away! I know I’m going to feel a lot less stressed.”  – Theresa Speltz, Minnesota Dairy Initiative-SE Region, Altura, MN

Bring Elizabeth in to speak to your employees and you will see and feel the impact of her message immediately. Her tools and materials support the learning process and help people put ideas into action. Your people will feel better about who they are, what they do, who they work with, and the customers they serve.  – Tom Everist President, The Everist Company, Sioux Falls, SD

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