Eric Carlson


Having devoted his life to studying personal potential, Eric has discovered what he calls “The Good News” about life.

Eric has been privileged to study with the greatest masters of human achievement and potential in the world, including Anthony Robbins, T. Harv Eker, Blair Singer, Master Stephen Co, and world famous fire walking instructor Tolly Burkan.

With an energy and enthusiasm for life that is contagious, Eric brings over a decade of experience to his seminars so others can achieve a life filled with prosperity, joy and happiness.

I’m here to deliver a new message of hope and prosperity. “The Good News.” You CAN achieve your goals. You CAN attain success. No matter what the rest of the world tells you.

You ARE worthy and you ARE free to choose the life you deserve and desire. It’s yours for the taking, so what are you waiting for?

Topics seminars / events

  • Powerful solutions for a better life !
  • Don’t Get Burned by Life Again!
  • Fire Walking Seminar
  • Corporate Fire Walks
  • Full Day Seminar
  • Jedi Camp
  • Charity FundraisersDiscover how to:
  • Attain Any Goal
  • Overcome Fear
  • Create Personal Power
  • Transform Your Life
  • Reach Your True Potential
  • Train Yourself for Success


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