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Esther Hughes helps Women Leaders Become Engaging Communicators so they can Grow Their Reach


Esther Hughes is an author, speaker, entrepreneur and communications mentor to ambitious women. She is a graduate of Eastern University where she received a Servant Leadership Award and Distinguished Applied Research Project Award.

She has received certifications for Personality Training and Consulting from CLASS Services. She is a former newspaper columnist and more recently founded The Center For ELITE Women Communicators where she is equipping, spotlighting and connecting women entrepreneurs, leaders, authors and coaches.

Esther Hughes has been mentoring, coaching and supporting women for over a decade. After surviving an aggressive form of breast cancer as a young mother, she has been using her second chance to encourage and enrich the lives of hundreds of women through her captivating keynotes and interactive trainings.


Power Up Your Presence: 5 Ways To Increase Credibility, Visibility and Profitability…This topic gives 5 things every communicator needs to have in order to get out there and lead for the purpose of building their business, reach and following.

Be Their Sigh of Relief: Closing Deals With an Authentic Message…Knowing your vision and mission is a must in this competitive and crowded world, which is why articulating how you have what your audience, clients and prospects need confidently and clearly is imperative. Don’t let your message get lost in the noise. Instead come out and BE their Sigh of Relief.

Rotating Relationships: The I.N.S. and O.U.T.S. of Keeping Connections that Last….Beyond social media there are 7 critical components needed to build and keep meaningful relationships. This topic is excellent for inter-office communications as well as communicating with prospects, clients, followers and strategic alliance partners.

No More Boring Speakers PLEASE! 10 Things to Consider Before You Claim to Be A Speaker. This fun and upbeat topic is a reminder that not everyone who speaks should, so be one that should.


Testimonials for Esther Hughes

“Esther Hughes is a phenomenal speaker, coach and author. She is also a master motivator and makes it her mission to support the dreams and goals of others. Coaching them so that they can truly live up to their potential as a public speaker, author and professional.” – Teresa Berger, Author, Ocean Pines, MD

“As she spoke before approximately 800 people, there was not another sound but her voice…as I listen, I look around at the captivated audience who senses the sincerity behind her every word. Esther has a gift to give everyone who will listen.”  – Sharon Porreca, American Cancer Society, Southeastern, NJ

“Esther is a phenomenal speaker and such an inspiration.” – Sharon Fleck, Roxy Reading Program, Doylestown, PA

“Esther is able to reach her audience with honesty, compassion, a touch of self-deprecating humor and an outpouring of love for people. Her enthusiasm for life is contagious.”  – Janine Delaney, Rowan University, Glassboro, NJ

Products from Esther Hughes

Take 21: Bursts of Quiet With God


Psalms And Prayers For People Affected By Cancer


The ELITE Communicators Academy 


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