Gene Swindell


“The Voice of Change” Speaker / Trainer

Internationally-acclaimed speaker, seminar leader and consultant with presentations throughout the United States and 16 other countries. Known as The “Voice of Change”

Author of 2 books and 5 audio programs

Listed in Who’s Who in Professional Speaking and Who’s Who in Sales and Marketing. The National Speakers Association presented him a Speaker of the Year award. For 10 years, Gene was known as the “Voice of General Motors” in training and broadcast programs.

Keynote topics

  • Customer Service is your ONLY Business – Gene Swindell goes beyond the usual service approach and delivers a high-content, inspiring message on reversing the typical “inward” attitude to an “external” approach and learn what customers really want. By intensifying and accelerating your focus on customer needs and delivering exceptional service, Gene explains how your your company can be the leader by setting standards the competition will have to meet.
  • Life would be easy … if it weren’t for other people – Managing people of different ages is challenging today as the workforce becomes increasingly diverse. Managers and supervisors complain about the arrogance, challenge to authority and lack of work ethics of their younger employees. On the other side, older managers who refuse to listen to new ideas and want to maintain the status quo, frustrate younger generations. Gene explores the various personality styles, behavioral patterns, and generational differences that make work relationships difficult in a lively, high interactive presentation.
  • Leadership to Master Change – Can you lead your organization in a new direction as rapid-pace changes occur? You can’t rely on old, outdated management techniques or trial-and-error approaches. You must be ready for constant change and the turmoil that goes with it. You can meet these challenges with Gene Swindell’s fast-paced keynote address on Leadership for Mastering Change.


  • Book: The New ABCs of Success
  • Book: Jabez, Inc. – the business version of The Prayer of Jabez
  • CD – Dealing with Difficult Customers
  • CD – Customer Service is Your ONLY Business
  • CD – Communicating with Your Customers
  • CD – Professional Telephone
  • SkillsBooklet – Professional Telephone Skills


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