Greg Pattison

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CHS III Certified in Homeland Security, Speaker, Trainer Greg Pattison, CHS III Certified in Homeland Security, Speaker, Trainer

After 30 years in government, corporate America and owning a successful business, Greg created an exciting speaking business in the hard skills area of OSHA, DOT, Homeland Security and “what to do in an emergency”.  Employing his skills in Safety and Security, as well as soft skills area, he has created a training group that helps 1st responders, Government, and the Private Sector to deal effectively with at risk.

Over the last 4 years Greg has spoken to hundreds of organizations and thousands of employees.  His topics encompass: OSHA Compliance, DOT Hazardous Materials, Chemical Biological Radiological, Nuclear and Explosives (CBRNE) Incidents, Workplace Violence, Organizational Emergency Planning and How to Deal With Difficult People.

His speaking style offers immediate takeaways that attendees can go back and apply right away.  He makes the obtuse easy to understand and put in practice.


  • Workplace Violence—1.6 million incidents of Workplace Violence occur each year in the U.S.  If it happens in your organization will employees know how to respond?
  • OSHA Compliance—OSHA requires that your organization be proactive to maintain a safe and healthy work environment.  Are you meeting or exceeding OSHA standards?
  • Workplace Bullying—Where do school aged Bullies go?  They grow-up and enter the workforce.  Now they are your problem?  Learn how to handle them?
  • CBRNE Incident Plan: An Introduction Course—Learn about risk and vulnerabilities in this highly interactive program.
  • Continuity Of Operations Plan (COOP) Awareness Course—Every organization is required to have a coop plan so that they can get up an running after an emergency.  90% of small businesses never re-opened after Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans.
  • Emergency Planning& Disaster Management for your Organization Training—Do you have an emergency action plan as required by OSHA, FEMA and Homeland Security.  Does one plan fit all emergencies?


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To book him as a speaker or trainer and obtain further information, please contact Charli Jane Speaker Services or Greg Pattison at 678 764 8217