Hazel Palache


Hazel Palache is no stranger to the unknown and the courage it takes to breakthrough into a new life. Once you know Hazel, you quickly learn that for her, giving up on life is not an option. She brings to her audience her vast and varied life experiences and has the ability to connect warmly with people from all walks of life.

Hazel has a very diversified background in business and psychology. While co-owning a large cosmetic company in the UK from 1965 to 1979, her main focus was on sales and marketing. In the US, she spent over 10 years in private practice as a mental health professional, specializing in relationship counseling, stress management, panic disorder and inner child healing.


  • The power of thought:  Hazel speaks about the magic of the mind and how to achieve optimum professional, financial and personal success by shifting the way you think.
  • Living your life fearlessly: Hazel challenges her audience with ways to overcome challenges and live life fearlessly. Her great sense of humor, humility and compassion are as inspiring as her passion for life.
  •  20 Steps from stress to success


  • The happy toolbox: living life fearlessly
  • The full package contains:
  • Audio CD: an original guided visualization to overcome your challenges
  • A step-by-step workbook to look inward to find your strengths An assortment of Happy Tools to assist you in breaking through to fearlessness FREE bonus included with this amazing program is a CD of a live teleclass

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