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Holly Kile, president and founder of HJK Global Solutions is a former Virtual Assistant and Online Business Manager who now uses her extensive background in operations management, systems analysis/implementation and strategic business marketing, to work with business owners and entrepreneurs who struggle with figuring out how to effectively achieve their vision for their business. Clients who work with Holly either individually or through participation in one of her many specialized training programs are able to access multiple opportunities for growth in their organizations and realize potential they didn’t previously know existed.

Within the HJK Global Solutions brand, Holly and her team create and execute highly-effective operational and marketing strategies for clients to achieve maximum success in an ever-evolving and competitive marketplace.  Holly’s passion for small business owners, solo-entrepreneurs and heart-centered organizations drives her to create holistic business programs and products they can use to support them in creating long-term, sustainable success for their businesses. Holly launched Pixie Dust University, an online training program for entrepreneurs and The Pixie Chicks: Marketing Mastery for Women, a group coaching and mastermind hybrid program for women business owners in 2012. In 2013, in
response to the needs of her community, Holly launched A2I (Accidental to Intentional) Business Consulting-her elite business coaching  program wherein she works with entrepreneurs to co-create comprehensive growth strategies to  move them from “accidental” business owners to intentional” industry experts who enjoy profitable and thriving businesses!

Holly has been recognized as 2012 Marketer of the Year for the Indianapolis Chapter of Million Dollar Methods and a 2012 Top 10 Finalist for ValPak Dough to Grow Award, she was July 2012 Marketer of the Month for the Indianapolis Chapter of Million Dollar Methods, as well as one of 2011’s Top 40 International Part Time Entrepreneurs by IAMPTE.

Holly is a native of Valdosta, Georgia now living in Greenwood, Indiana with her teenage son.


Five Critical Elements for Success in Your Business

If your business isn’t growing the way you’d like or if things are going in the wrong direction, you can always find the culprit lurking in one of these 5 critical elements. In this highly engaging presentation, we’ll uncover each element and how you can break through your roadblocks once and for all.

Key Takeaways

  • Key elements for business success
  • How each of the 5 elements are connected
  • How to identify roadblocks linking to these elements and the steps to break through them

Grow Your Business by Hiring a Virtual Assistant

Entrepreneurs are often solo-pros but that doesn’t mean they have to do everything by themselves. In this presentation, Holly shares how entrepreneurs can utilize a virtual team to grow their practice and guides them through how to find and hire their first virtual assistant and then how to establish effective working strategies together. Holly’s expertise as a growing entrepreneur’s VA and virtual organization chapter Administrator makes her uniquely suited for sharing expertise on this topic.

Key Takeaways

  • Learn what a Virtual Assistant is and what types of things they do for a business
  • Learn the different types of VA’s and how to choose the right one at the right time for your business
  • Where to find the highest quality VA’s and things you should know when you interview and hire
  • Tips for starting your working relationship on the right foot even if you’ve never worked virtually before

Are You an Accidental Entrepreneur or an Intentional Expert?

Sometimes, when we look back on our successes, we say “I’m not sure how I (landed that client, booked that job, made that sale)!” This is common when we experience “accidental” success. It’s still success but we can’t depend on it to go exactly that way time after time. In this presentation, we’ll break down three types of entrepreneurs and exactly how you shift from being the Accidental Entrepreneur to the Intentional Expert.

Key Takeaways

  • Identify 3 types of entrepreneurs
  • Identify the key behaviors associated with each type of entrepreneur
  • Key actions to take to become an Intentional Expert
  • The benefits of being Intentional with your business


“As I sat down to right this testimonial, I am not sure how I can express with words just how much working with Holly has helped me, dare I say Changed me? I met Holly in January at a networking meeting and thought that she was incredible already and we hadn’t really talked about much of anything. A couple weeks later I was lucky, no blessed, to get work with Holly. I get to spend time with Holly through Pixie Chicks and with 1 on 1 coaching time. Working with Holly is simply amazing. I feel like a brand new Nikki. I didn’t expect to grow personally, I was thinking I would learn how to work and grow my business. But personally and as a business woman, things changed. My business grew, my happiness grew and I learned how to handle all the fun things that come with growth. I really don’t think I can express just exactly how amazing it has been getting to know and work with Holly. She is one amazing sparkling lady and if you ever have the chance to work with her, I say you better jump on that train!”  – Nikki Glutz – Wrap With Nikki- http://www.WrapWithNikki.com

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