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Ilene L. Dillon wears many hats: psychotherapist, author, Internet radio host, coach, continuing education provider and professional speaker. Recently, someone asked her to prioritize these roles. She responded, “I love them all.”

Trained as a Social Worker, Ilene graduated with a Master’s degree from the University of California, Berkeley, in 1972. and holds two California licenses–an MFT (Marriage and Family Therapist; MFT 4757) and an LCSW (Licensed Clinical Social Worker LCS 7035). She also holds a lifelong teaching credential for California Community Colleges.

As a Professional Member of the National Speakers Association since 1984, Ilene served four years on the Northern California Chapter’s Board of Directors, and was Member of the Year in 1993-94. Ilene’s personal mission is to teach people (including herself!) about Love. As part of that quest, she has learned about all emotions: why we have them, how to allow and work with them, how to learn from them and why it’s important to then let them go. She has collected 35 years of clinical information about human lives, problems and triumphs, which she uses in her work with groups, classes and in psychotherapy. She, like all of us, reports that she is “still learning.”

Ilene is completing a manuscript entitled “Born to Learn,” which depicts our human role as learners, and is her 16th book. Ilene lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, where she has resided since 1968. An avid gardener, skier, backpacker, swimmer, animal lover and cook, Ilene believes much of her wisdom in helping others has resulted from living as a married, divorced, single, step and adoptive parent, as well as being herself a child of divorce.

Ilene lives with six cats and a dog and her husband, neurosurgeon Robert A.Fink, M.D., F.A.C.S.   Together, Bob and Ilene’s blended family includes 6 children, 3 “children-in-laws” and 5 grandchildren, all of whom are fantastic individuals who add to the quality of this world. Ilene has worked more than 36 years as a psychotherapist, with her approach based on spiritual principle. Now coming into vogue (at last!), working with spiritual principle enables a person to focus on what is truly important, our soul’s development and growth as we live in harmony with Principle.

Ilene Dillon’s Books

  • Happiness Is A Decision of the Heart
  • Born to Learn: Foundations for Life on Earth

Topic Keynotes

  • Focus and the Key to Power: Proven methods for achieving goals, including ancient principles that guide effective action and success.
  • Communication/Conflict-Resolution: 7 Tools for running your business more smoothly, including straightforward methods to communicate clearly, turn aside criticism, and set responsible boundaries.
  • Taming Difficult People:  Discover how to reach almost anyone and gain their cooperation, sidestepping resistance and argument.
  • Thrive Emotionally in Economic Peril: Especially for beleaguered HR professionals, working with emotions as the tools that are designed to relieve pressures allowing for better performance and staying power.
  • Managers as Consultant Parents:  Parents who partner with children for growth and accomplishment are highly effective; and so are managers who partner with the people they supervise!  Discover the principles and tools.

For Coaches, Therapists, Wellness Professionals

  • Emotions as 24/7 Tools and Teachers They taught you how to help clients set goals and be supportive—but how much did they teach you about emotions? Emotions have a specific role in human life, with each offering a specific signal.  Learn the signals and how to work with them!
  • Focus and the Key to Power Proven methods for manifesting your “right life,” strengthening resolve, motivating for change, and facing fears, including ancient  principles that guide effective action and success
  • Identifying and Corralling Energy Drainers Do you know how to recognize manipulation in an instant? Why it occurs?  When it begins in life?  Whether it is “normal”?  What to do to stop it?  Here are answers!
  • Concepts for Partnering Clients Overcome obstacles to motivating clients to do the work they need to do, guide them to responsible action, and put joy in your work together.  “Conscious Parenting” is Consultant-based parenting, helpful with clients as well as kids!

For Teachers, School Counselors and Administrators

  • The ABCs of Emotions:  Building Emotional Foundations for Life No matter how good your lesson or community-action plans, someone’s emotions can derail them in an instant.  Discover what emotions are truly for, what each is telling you, how to learn from your emotions, and how to help others with them, too.
  • Recognizing and Corralling the Energy-Draining Child (or Parent!) Do you know how to recognize manipulation in an instant? Why it occurs?  When it begins in life?  Whether it is “normal”?  What to do to stop it?  Here are answers! Use Ilene’s proprietary system to deal with parents, fellow-workers, and children.
  • Our Most Active Emotion:  Training for Anger Mastery It’s not just about Anger Management, we all want our children to master whatever it is they need to learn about.  Anger Mastery is to Anger Management what a Horse Whisperer is to a Horse Trainer.  The universal cause of anger, how to change specific angers, dealing with anger of others, having fun with anger.  Don’t miss this!
  • Conscious Families—for Now and for the Future! The time is here for a new model for raising children and living in families.  It’s time  you know the system, so you can use it and encourage its use by others.  Concepts can also be used in the classroom.  This presentation has all the basics!
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