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Clinical Addiction & Recovery Specialist


Jacque’s knowledge of the addiction field came into play when a close family member was addicted to Meth in the 80’s.  Like many of you she searched for help everywhere from the hospitals, family and friends as well as the Internet. What little resources there were then is nothing compared to where the industry has taken us today.

In the early 2000’s she again dealt with another family member addicted to drugs. This time there were a lot more web sites online but it was all so confusing and frustrating because as a concerned loved one she felt she was making decisions based on what a stranger was telling her or what she was reading on the Internet.

About this same time she began working with local therapists in the addiction field; helping their clients overcome the cravings and poor nutrition patterns, that go along with addiction, through nutrition education and supplementation.  As she found herself becoming immersed in this new area of her practice she realized a great concern for these clients that turned into a passion to help families connect with the resources they desperately needed to cope with their individual situation as well as helping them find ‘the right’ treatment options for their loved one.

Jacque travels the nation speaking, visiting treatment centers and clinicians of all kinds learning about what they do and how well they do it. Because of this knowledge and the national connections; she has resources that can shorten your search and help you or your loved one get the help they need within hours or days.  She has already done the research; let her help you navigate this phase in your life that will lead you to a happier ending in the struggle with addiction.

Jacque holds a BS and a Masters in Holistic Nutrition, is a Certified Lifestyle Educator, a Certified Health Coach, Behavioral Specialist and holds a Behavioral Health Tech License.


Where Have All of My Spoons Gone?

“Where have all of my spoons gone” is a talk I developed to share my experiences of how to recognize that you may have a heroin/drug user in your home or place of business. My hope is to educate those that may be in denial that their loved one is a user and to alert those that may suspect that a loved one may be using.

There are numerous signs that are very easy to overlook as part of everyday things around the house. Behavior is often ‘chalked up’ to being a lazy teen. What you will learn will be an eye opener for most. I have lived with an addict and found the hiding spots and learned to recognize the signs of use. I never thought I would have to look at the rafters in my closet or in the linings of my pillows on the couch to discover just a few of the crafty hiding places for drugs and paraphernalia that I discovered during my journey to find my spoons that rapidly went missing.

This informative and captivating talk will raise your awareness and challenge how much you ‘think’ you know about drug use of a friend or family member.

This presentation is appropriate for small/large groups, Churches, conferences, schools, and community events.

Get your G.B.A. Degree – Guts, Bluff & Ability

Not sure you can venture out of your comfort zone? This inspirational and motivational presentation is for the person or group that feels they aren’t qualified to branch out or try their hand at anything new.   Listen to Jacque’s inspiring story of creating opportunities from a “have to” attitude as a single mother of two.  If you’re a risk taker or want to become one you will enjoy this humorous and inspiring talk.  Learn how Jacque got her G.B.A. degree when faced with having to raise two children alone as a single Mother, how she faced a terminal diagnosis and went back to college to take charge of her life.

This presentation is appropriate for small/large groups, Churches, conferences, schools, community events, clinicians.

The Lopsided Gal

Jacque travels nationally teaching families and individuals the art of dealing with crisis and taking charge of their own health. She will delight you with her dynamic, energetic and humorous style. It is one thing to experience crisis….it is entirely another thing to let such an experience create a desire to help others. That is exactly what happened to Jacque Miller. She has experienced the deadly grip of breast cancer in her own body and survived a terminal diagnosis to tell about it in her book – The Lopsided Gal. Contact Jacque to speak during breast cancer awareness month.

This presentation is appropriate for small/large groups, Churches, conferences, schools, community events, clinicians.  October is Breast Cancer awareness – bring Jacque in to share her personal story.

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“What an eye opener!  For the first time in my life, I now feel I have the tools to deal with and accept the changes that are always going to happen.  Thank you for showing me there is still hope, but it is up to me to take charge of my life.” ~ Susan –  Denver, CO


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