Jacqueline Robertson


Inspirational Speaker

“To dream what you want begins with a thought,” says inspirational speaker Jacqueline. “All you need is a thought and an ideal and you’ve taken the first step toward changing your life.” Robertson, who created five successful businesses from scratch with no money, inspires sales people, health care professionals, business owners, people who want to own a business, and anyone with a dream with her dynamic talk.

Jacqueline is winner of numerous awards in insurance and business sales, she’ll show you why service is the key to manifesting your dreams. “If you’re serving others with integrity, honesty and reliability,” says Robertson, “happiness and success are inevitable.”

Robertson knows all about struggle. She lost both parents when she was 17, later lost her husband, conquered a hearing impairment, and has a son who suffered a near-fatal gunshot wound to the head. But none of those tragedies kept her from creating personal and professional success. Her message: Regardless of where you are in life or what obstacles you’ve experienced, you can begin to live your dream.

She’ll show you how to define your personal success and stay focused as you journey steadily toward your goal, and she reveals the secrets of self-communication and “praxis” – the integration of belief with behavior so that you never have to worry about how your actions are perceived. “There’s a universal law that gives you what you want,” she says. “Regardless of the job you hold, present or past conditions, or where you are in life right now, you can get to where you want to go.”

“My mission in life is to share the road maps that I know will lead to success and inspire people with the exciting challenge of growth,” says Robertson, who is a licensed Real Estate broker and holds degrees in Occupational Therapy and Business Administration.

You never stop dreaming!”

Keynote topics

  • Dream it First -It Starts With a Dream (Signature speech)
  • Dream Attitude
  • Secrets of Success & Happiness


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