Jay Rohman


 Motivational speaker, Certified Laughter Leader

Jay D. Rohman, the Ambassador of Encouragement, is a Certified Laughter Leader (CLL) through the World Laughter Tour Organization. His audiences range everywhere from youth to executives to senior citizens

In today’s world the majority of people spend more time talking negative than they do positive. That’s where the Ambassador of Encouragement becomes the superhero to save the day!

Jay teaches universal principals that will change the lives of anyone, anytime, anywhere. Jay Rohman ‘The Ambassador of Encouragement’ has the extraordinary talent to captivate his audience, but speak to their hearts as well. His enthusiastic belief in the human potential of every person along with his eternal optimism make his motivational keynotes and workshops a life altering encounter!

Jay’s past experience as a ‘down and out’ alcoholic gives him keen insight as to what a winner is really all about. In recovery for 20 years, Jay has owned several businesses, became a published author and freelance writer, and speaks nationally spreading the word about his B.A.N.D.A.Y.D. Philosophy; Believe And Never Doubt, Achieve Your Destiny!

Jay’s presentations encourage people to reach for their full potential and achieve the destiny that they have been called to. Everyone, without an exception, has a destiny inside of them. Jay will help business and individuals realize that they can achieve all there is to achieve if they will but believe and act. That is why he is known as the ‘Ambassador of Encouragement’!

Keynote topics

  • The BANDAYD Philosophy “Believe And Never Doubt; Achieve Your Destiny”
  • Encouraging a Culture of Trust
  • Becoming An Ambassador of Encouragement


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