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 International expert on psychology-based selling and marketing, author of “Big Business Marketing for Small Business Budgets


Jeanette McMurtry is an international authority on consumer psychology and emotionally-based marketing strategies for businesses in all industries.  Her messages on how to get inside the minds of your customers to influence purchases, brand loyalty, and ignite passion for your brands have earned high reviews from audiences around the world, and inspired marketers in all industries.

Jeanette recently completed a 5-country tour in the Asia Pacific, from Auckland New Zealand to Shanghai China for Fuji Xerox.  What sets her apart is not only fascinating facts, data and case studies, but her ability to show audiences how to take these high level concepts and turn them into actionable, affordable marketing tactics that get results.  Beyond speaking, Jeanette is a columnist for several publications throughout the U.S., Australia, and China.  She is a former radio talk show host for Voice America and is a frequent presenter for the Direct Marketing Association’s international conferences,  American Marketing Association events nationwide, Xerox, MD Publishing and other professional groups.  Abroad, She is represented by Celebrity Speakers in Sydney, Australia.

The best part of Jeanette’s presentations is that they are not just more theory and funny stories.  They offer how to ideas, tactics and strategies that can be easily and affordably executed by any level of marketing professional.

Jeanette McMurtry’s Book

  • Big Business Marketing for Small Business Budgets McGraw-Hill 2003
  • Coming Soon: Look for Jeanette’s new book on psychology-based marketing expected to be published in 2010

Jeanette is also a columnist for various publications for the past several years. These include:

  • Denver Business Journal, American Business Journals
  • Medical Dealer, MD Publishing
  • OnDemand, an online journal for the print industry
  • Direct, Australia’s largest publication for direct marketers

Topic Keynotes

  • Moving from USPs to ESPs:  Boosting Customer Value through Emotional Selling Propositions
  • Building Trust Equity to Boost Lifetime Value and Sales
  • Get Inside the Minds of Your Customers and Get Lifetime Results
  • Big Business Marketing for Small Business Budgets
  • Get Inside the Mind of your Customer and Get Lifetime Results To get big results in any market climate, you must understand consumer psychology and what really drives choices, consciously and unconsciously.  This session, presented by international author and keynote presenter on emotional marketing strategies, will share insights about consumer behavior, what really makes customers happy, what gets their attention, and how to develop direct marketing campaigns that create engagement, loyalty, and even passion for your brand.   You’ll be surprised to learn how color, words, images, and other campaign elements impact results.  Affordable best practices and ideas for big and small budgets will be presented in this session which is sure to change the way you think about marketing.
  • Moving From USPS to ESPS Creating unique selling propositions for your business isn’t enough in today’s highly emotional and volatile business world.  You need to tap into the positive emotions that drive your customers’ behavior, and subdue negative emotions that might get in the way of sales and long-term relationships.  When this happens, customers become profitable and loyal for life.
  • Moving from USPs to ESPs I’ll help you create Emotional Selling Propositions (ESPs) vs. Unique Selling Propositions (USPs) that build emotional bonds and lifetime value.  Making this shift is critical to any business’s success as nothing is “unique” anymore.  With the Internet and increased competition from conglomerates, price, convenience, selection can all be easily duplicated.  What can’t be mimicked is the customer experience you deliver, and research shows this is more important than just about anything else you offer.

You’ll learn:

To forget the traditional marketing methods that put your brand in the “me too” category, and focus on creating distinct values that make customers feel valued and excited about doing business with you.

What matters most to consumers – to be treated with respect or get the lowest price?

How to create brand experiences that trigger positive emotions, impulse sales, and repeat business.

Proven techniques for direct marketing campaigns that ignite emotions and response rates

Numerous examples of how companies, both large and small, have executed successful ESPs without spending a fortune

How neuromarketers are tapping consumers’ psyche and cashing in BIG

Emotions are the greatest decision influencers.  Being unique has little to do with it.  Don’t miss this presentation on how you can influence purchasing behavior and build your sales revenue for the long-term.

Big Business Marketing for Small Business Budgets As daunting as it seems for small businesses competing with large “Big Box” brands, it can be done simply and affordably.  The secret is to know your customers inside and out by digging deeper than demographics to understand the emotions that drive purchasing decisions, consciously and unconsciously.  When you do this, you can create the kind of emotional bonds that Harley Davidson, American Express, Xerox, and other big brands have used to secure lifetime value and high marketing ROIs.

Jeanette McMurtry, a former worldwide marketing manager for American Express, author of “Big Business Marketing for Small Business Budgets” and frequent presenter, will share techniques used by big brands to build customer loyalty and capture lifetime value that any business can execute simply and affordably.

You’ll learn:

How to think like your best customers and boost your marketing ROI

The principles, techniques and power of lifetime marketing

Low and no-cost ideas for building brand value, loyalty and qualified leads

Examples of direct and interactive campaigns that successfully built passion and profits

How moving from Unique Selling Propositions to Emotional Selling Propositions can protect you from competitive moves and customer attrition.

Each participant will receive worksheets to get them started on their own ESP marketing plan before leaving the conference.

Building Trust Equity in Your Brand Through Emotional Relevance Broken trust is the number one reason customers switch brands, and no method for regaining trust has ever been identified.  More than 80% of American Consumers do not trust big business and believe they will take advantage of their customers if they believe they won’t get caught.  National research also shows that consumers consider being treated with honesty and respect more important than getting the lowest price or highest quality.

Trust is the most valuable asset a company can acquire.  Without it, you can’t secure customer loyalty, referrals, or new business.  Today, “trust equity” is more important than “brand equity” as consumers will switch from they brands they know to the brands they know they can trust.

This session presented by consultant and columnist on emotional marketing, Jeanette McMurtry, will share strategies and techniques for building “trust equity” and passion for brands through emotionally relevant communications and customer experiences.  She will share best practices on how various brands created trust worthy communications to increase customer value and acquisition and become “trusted advisors”.  Affordable, actionable trust-building activities will be shared throughout this fast-paced enlightening session

In-depth interactive workshops are available on this topic that help participants audit the level of trust equity for their brand, and complete worksheets to help them start their own marketing program for building trust among current customers and prospects.

Speaking Fees

Speaking fees for keynote presentation, professional workshops and in-depth training courses are negotiated on an individual basis and are dependent on scope of content, customization, length of sessions to be conducted, and other elements.  Normal fees range from $5,000 – $10,000

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