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Jeanne Martinson is a professional speaker, trainer and author who has worked internationally and throughout Canada. Since co-founding her own firm in 1993, Jeanne has inspired thousands of participants in her workshops and keynote presentations with her humour, insight and real-world examples.

As well as formal education in organizational behavior, journalism and marketing, Jeanne is a Certified Practitioner of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming). She is currently working on her graduate degree in Leadership through Royal Roads University in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

Jeanne became interested in training while working for a Fortune 500 company in southern California. Back in her native Saskatchewan, she side-stepped into sales and marketing for ten years – where in the printing and labeling industry, she took a $25,000 sales territory and grew it to $850,000 within four years.

Now as Managing Partner of her own firm, Jeanne has delivered workshops and keynote addresses to government, associations and the private sector. Her most popular topics are leadership and diversity. As a Canadian best-selling author and strategist in workplace diversity, Jeanne’s goal is to assist leaders in understanding diversity issues so they may attract, retain and engage their ideal workforce.

In July 1999, Jeanne released her first non-fiction book entitled “Lies and Fairy Tales That Deny Women Happiness” which explores the myths that many Canadian women are raised with and which limit their ability to have happy relationships and fulfilling careers. Her second book, “Escape from Oz – Leadership For The 21st Century” was released in October 2001. This book explores the parallels of the characters in the fable “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz” and our own beliefs about personal and professional leadership. The first part of the book explores the four cornerstones required to be effective leaders: insight, courage, self-discipline and influence over others. The second part of the book explores how we can move out of our comfort zone to lead individuals according to their reality, skill set and knowledge base – with the goal of achieving trust and long term success. Jeanne’s third book, “War & Peace in the Workplace – Diversity, Conflict, Understanding, Reconciliation” was released September 2005. This book explores how workplaces are becoming more diverse and how diversity may trigger conflict. The book illustrates how we have the choice of allowing conflict to spiral down into dysfunction or of taking charge, becoming aware and developing understanding.

Jeanne takes a leading role in her community, a dedication that was recognized in 1992 with the awarding of the Canada 125 Medal, in 1999 with the YWCA Women of Distinction Award in the category of Business, Labor and Professions, in 2005 with the Centennial Leadership Award for outstanding contribution to the Province of Saskatchewan, the Athena Award, and most recently in 2008 – the national Diversity award – the EMCY.

Jeanne has been listed in Who’s Who of Canadian Women since 1996 and Canadian Who’s Who since 1999. Jeanne is Past President of: Saskatchewan Training and Development Association (Regina Chapter), Saskatchewan Business and Professional Women, and Women Entrepreneurs of Saskatchewan. She was Founding President of the Saskatchewan Chapter of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (CAPS).

Jeanne Martinson’s Books

  • War and Peace in the Workplace
  • Escape from Oz: Leadership for the 21st Century
  • Lies And Fairy Tales That Deny Women Happiness

Jeanne Martinson in the Media

  • Their Biological Clock is Ticking – Convene Magazine, May 2009
  • Does Gender Matter? – Speaking of Impact Magazine, Spring 2007
  • Gen-Friendly Meetings – Convene Magazine, July 2007
  • On the Cusp:A Generational Subgroup Makes a Name for Itself – Convene Magazine, Dec
  • Speakers Who Speak to the Generations – Convene Magazine, September 2007
  • Late Risers Lobbying for Workplace Recognition

Topic Keynotes

Leadership for the 21st Century In the fable, “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz”, the Lion, Scarecrow and Tin Man desired courage, a brain and a heart. They believed the only path to achieving their desires was the Wizard’s magic. Humans often wish for ‘leadership skills’. Like the Oz characters, we have everything we need to succeed. We don’t need a “magic” pill to be successful leaders – only a willingness to recognize our potential and develop it!

Leadership Communication That Gets Results It is human nature to fall into our most comfortable way of communicating as a leader – regardless of whether that style is giving us the results we want or not! By learning how to lead individuals according to the situation, their competency and commitment, we can utilize our employees’ abilities to the maximum!

Keeping Trust: The Glue of Leadership A leader may be able to influence followers short term, but without trust their leadership will be short-lived. How do we develop trust? How do we re-build it in a hostile environment?

Generations in the Workplace: Making Peace Between Gen Xers and Boomers For the first time, there are four generations in the workplace. Traditionalists, Boomers, Gen Xers and Gen Ys all have different values and goals. And those values and goals are creating conflict!

Co-dependent Leadership: Getting Managers to make the Tough Moves Are you coaching leaders who refuse to take tough action? Do they want to be liked more than respected? Kidding themselves that they are effective? Making the tough decisions and giving the tough talks is what being a good leader is all about.

War and Peace in the Workplace: Diversity, Conflict, Understanding, Reconciliation Ever wonder why we just can’t get along? Individual differences – large and small – often create conflict between people. We have the choice of allowing conflict to spiral down into dysfunction or of taking action, becoming aware and developing understanding. It’s all up to us.

Nurture, Nature or Just Nasty?: Understanding Male and Female Leadership Styles When women lead like men, they are called nasty names, when men are encouraged to lead like women, they are wimps. How are we different? How can we use our differences to be great leaders?


Three most popular workshops are:

  • Understanding Diversity in Today’s Workplace
  • Managing and Working with a Multi Generational Workforce
  • Leading a Diverse Workforce

Fee schedule for Jeanne Martinson

$3,500 – $5,000


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