Jeannette Bessinger


The Clean Food Coach, Author, Teacher, Speaker

I help busy, successful women manage their mental and emotional gremlins so they can stick their healthy habit changes once and for all.


Jeannette Bessinger, CHHC, interfaith minister, the Clean Food CoachTM, is an award-winning educator and author of multiple books featuring healthy eating. Her recipes and clean lifestyle perspectives have been showcased in over 100 media outlets, including Consumer Reports, Clean Eating, Self, Dr. Oz Online, Martha Stewart Living, NPR and NBC News.

Designer of a long-running and successful, hospital-based, lifestyle change program and countless transformational workshops, Jeannette has helped thousands of people make lasting changes to deeply entrenched habits that no longer serve them.

With a unique combination of powerful, real-life stories and rich, practical content, her presentations are engaging and inspiring, often generating profound “ah-ha” experiences in her audiences that awaken them to the possibility of life“in the flow”.


Do This First: The Missing Link to Sticking Habit Change

The 4-Step Emotional Management System to Align Your Actions with Your Intentions

For ease, abundance and grace, it‘s much simpler to stay centered on the inside than try to control life‘s circumstances on the outside. But when we can‘t change our situation and don‘t know HOW to find our center, we may turn to bad habits to help us feel better, at least temporarily. Learn how to quickly calm reactive thoughts and feelings to drop that bad habit once and for all – or stick a good one!



“Jeannette’s thoughts are on the cutting edge of concepts that are really transformational, yet h er sharing is so ordinary and regular and she is so accessible… The learnings flutter through my day and through my heart and bring me humor, compassion and delight for my soul’s path.” -Kay Parent, Herbalist

“Jeannette has an innate ability to explain processes in terms that resonate with her audience. She takes what looks at first to be a complicated task and has participants walking away saying “I can do that!” She is personable, passionate and one of the most creative and innovative people in her industry. Her energy and love of her work comes through in every presentation.” -Caroleen Jones, COO/Owner Poliquin Performance

“An engaging and passionate speaker, Jeannette excels in front of a crowd. She has the ability to break down complicated concepts so they are easily digested by her audience and leaves them wanting more. She has a great sense of humor and always commands the stage with her presence. She nails it every time.” – Reinette Fournier, Owner/Director Tenth Gate Center for Yoga and Meditation

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