Jenny Herrick

President – ALL KIDDING ASIDE, Certified Laughter Leader, National Speakers Association

What a life…what a gal!! 

Widowed at age 27, clown college graduate, traveled to China with Dr. Patch Adams, spread ‘mirth aid’ at Ground Zero…she lives her message as a mother, nurse, Christian and more!

Jenny believes that the quality of your attitude determines the quality of your relationships…not to mention the quality of just about every aspect of your life!


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“It’s Laughter We’re After” Humor is ‘out there’ ….we just need to put on our ‘comic glasses’ and look for it!

Everyone Winds up a Winner A negative attitude is like a flat tire…you can’t get far until it’s changed! (I’ll help you change it!)

Joy on the Job..or It’s Business as Unusual If you’re not enjoying your job …you’re wasting your life!(Who says you can’t have fun on the job?)


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"Laugh your Lips off by Jenny Herrick""You laugh, I'll Drive by Jenny Herrick"


Her autobiography, You Laugh, I’ll Drive, will take you on a wild, uplifting ride into how Jenny has learned to laugh, in spite of life’s speed bumps!

And her joke book, Laugh Your Lips Off!, is full of jokes, stories and anecdotes sure to keep you smiling!

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Jenny added a most-appreciated bright spot to our Hospice team retreat. She reminded us all of the importance to have a dose of laughter every day, and we were ho-ho-ha-ha-ha-ing when we saw each other the next day!! Her life stories, and ability to show how to laugh even in the midst of troubles was invaluable to us personally and for our professional lives. Thank you, Jenny for lifting us up!Val Owens – Volunteer Coordinator – Hospice of Siouxland


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