Jentanna Dabbs


Neurolinguistic Therapist Hypnotherapist Image Consultant

As a neurolinguistic therapist, hynotherapist, image consultant, health and beauty expert and co-author, Jentanna Dabbs captures her audience with the use of guided imagery and emotional energy release to jumpstart them forward towards the life they deserve.

Can you journey back in time to the root of the fears and false beliefs that hold you back? Can you heal old patterns and blockages and release your limitless potential? Yes, says Life Transformation Therapist Jentanna Dabbs, whose Total Mastering System and cutting-edge techniques, such as Timeline Therapy, gently clear thinking patterns that separate you from the love, money, relationships, sexuality, and self-reliance that are your birthright.

Jentanna Dabbs states your outer life reflects the inner messages you constantly give yourself and to change that you must feed your inner voice different messages. In her dynamic presentations, she shows her audience how to do just that by accessing subconscious patterns that hold us back, dissolving them and planting positive images in their place.

You have a God-given right to happiness wealth, and success. Everyone can achieve what they want.Keynote topics

Motives + Action = Motivation: Tap into your subconscious mind. Learn the secrets of communicating with this essential part of your mind to turn it into an ally that works with – not against – you to reach your personal and business goals.

The princess and the tower syndrome: A must for all ladies! It’s time to embark on a journey of transformation from victim to empowerment. In fairy tales, the Princess is often a victim trapped in a tower and waiting to be rescued while a terrifying dragon stands guard outside. In reality, this tower is a metaphor for our own self-sabotaging beliefs. Learn how consciousness impacts reality and learn how to recognize your powers of freedom and choice. Banish the dragon and free yourself from this self-made prison!

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