Jim Collister


The Relationship Master Author, Speaker Workshop Leader

When your relationships, both personal and professional, are suffering from stress, negativity and poor communication, Jim will liven things up, get you laughing and send you home with his proven formula for personal relationship success.

For 35 years, Jim owned and managed a highly successful consulting firm, providing management consulting services to well-known universities, healthcare providers, personal service and manufacturing businesses. During his career, he has conducted over 1,000 educational seminars on the subjects of effective communication, personal and business relationship building and life style management skills. As an educator/mentor he has reached over 75,000 people through his business seminars. The experience of teaching how to create strong and vibrant relationships he gained while conducting private business seminars, he now uses to educate, share, and entertain participants in his public seminars.

Jim Collister lectures nationwide on effective communication skills, personal and business relationship building, and lifestyle management skills for major companies, professional organizations, and universities. He has a passionate zest for life and the possibilities it holds for us all. A successful author, speaker, and workshop leader, he is the author of The last relationship book you’ll need and Find your voice (coming soon). Jim lives in Southern California with his wife, Linda.

Jim’s fun, interactive keynotes, seminars and workshops engage the audience with humor, while offering invaluable tips on how to:

  • Enter new relationships with your eyes wide open
  • Find a special romantic relationship
  • Keep an established romantic relationship hot, passionate, and alive
  • Deal with difficult and stressful situations without losing control
  • Change any relationship for the better

Can your most significant relationships – love, work, the lifelong friendships you treasure, use a tune-up? Are you looking for ways to change the relationships in your life for the better?

Keynote topics

  • Living a Purposeful and Meaningful Life ©
  • Merging the Masculine and Feminine: The King and the Goddess ©
  • Building Trust in a Distrusting World ©
  • Living in the Gap ©
  • From Upsets to Agreements ©

One-day seminars

  • The Art of Communication: Achieving Bliss with Your Romantic Partner©
  • Building a Foundation for Intimacy: Applying the Five Universal Principles of Relationships©

Half-day /evening workshops

  • Exploring Our Personal and Loving Relationships© Series
  • The Emerging Romance
  • Learning Together, Loving Together
  • Communicating Your Way to Romantic Bliss
  • Discovering Your Romantic Identity
  • Mastering Trust in Romantic Relationships
  • Becoming a Compassionate Romantic Partner
  • Bridging the Gap Between Talking and Listening
  • Committing to a Blissful Life
  • Human Consciousness and the Art of Relating to Others
  • Unveiling the Three Mysteries of Romance: Feelings, Emotions and Moods
  • Taking Control of Your Romantic Future
  • Romantic Renewal: Celebrating the First Day of the Rest of Your Life


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