John Loblack, Ed. D


Human Development Professional

Dr. Loblack is a human development professional with a vision. His goal is to empower, educate, and engage others so that they believe and achieve more in life than they ever thought possible.

He hails from the tiny Caribbean island of Dominica and holds a B.A. degree in sociology, a M.S. degree in human resources, and Ed. D degree in organizational leadership. He uses his personal and professional experiences as the framework for his message, which simply stated is “It’s all in your hands.”

John Loblack’s Books

  • Green Gold: Success Tips from the Islands
  • A Young Man’s Guide for Personal Success


  • “How to become a super achiever.” This message walks the audience through the eight steps to become a super achiever
  •  “There’s no gain when you complain.” In this message Dr. Loblack encourages the audience to focus on the things they do have instead of the things they don’t have; maximize the power of positive energy instead of the crippling effects of negative energy.
  • “Yes you CARE.” Yes you CARE teaches members of the audience how to clarify their messages, ask for what they want, value relationships, and eliminate excuses.


  • Motivational CD, “How to be a Success.”
  • Books, Green Gold: Success Tips from the Islands,
  • “A Young Man’s Guide for Personal Success.”

Mailing Address

5033 Ballard Crest Lane, Wesley Chapel, FL 33543

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