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Workplace Violence Prevention and Personal Safety Expert


John actively served in local law enforcement for over 18 years, and is a graduate of the FBI National Academy class 197. He holds a M.A. in Criminal Justice and Criminology from East Tennessee State University, where he is a Lecturer and instructs classes to include Counter Terrorism and Workplace Violence Prevention. During his seven years as a Law Enforcement Academy Instructor John assisted in training over 1,000 law enforcement officers in the Response to Active Shooting Situations.

In the private sector John has presented training to dozens of health care facilities in Workplace Violence Prevention to include Surviving Active Shooting Situations. John has been a presenter at the European Association of Threat Assessment Professionals annual conference in Berlin Germany. John Rose has presented a lecture on workplace violence at the Gavin de Becker & Associates Advanced Threat Assessment and Management Academy. John has traveled to Guatemala to train the Guatemalan Presidential Guard in Executive Protection relative to this topic.

John has also developed a course on Workplace Violence Prevention for the Executive Security International (ESI) Corporate Security Program in Colorado. John has customized H.I.T.A.C.’s training program on Workplace Violence Prevention specific to the corporate world, health care, and higher education audiences. John is a member in good standing with the Association of Threat Assessment Professionals.



Surviving Active Shooter Situations: S.A.S.S (This seminar can be customized for the audience and length of presentation)

We must now provide training to the civilian population on what to do if they find themselves in that living nightmare known as an “Active Shooting Situation”. In this basic and easy to understand program we call Surviving Active Shooter Situations (S.A.S.S.) the participants will be given clear and easy to remember actions to take, making themselves a harder target thus increasing their chances of surviving an Active Shooting Situation.

Participants will also see the need to report behavior to authorities that often precedes this typology of violence. We prepare for fires, tornadoes, and other infrequently occurring emergencies; the time is now to start preparing everyone on how to increase their chances of Surviving Active Shooting Situations.

Seminar Highlights:

  • What is an “Active Shooter”?
  • Situational Awareness vs. Paranoia
  • How to increase your chances of survival
  • Fight – Flight – Freeze
  • What to expect from the Police Response
  • Role of “Threat Assessment Teams”
  • Seminar Length: 90 minutes

ALERT (A Personal Safety Seminar for women) (This seminar can be customized for the audience and length of presentation)

In today’s environment personal safety is on everyone’s mind but especially for women.
Women are victimized at a much higher rate than men for certain categories of crimes, and in particular sexual assault and stalking. This seminar is specifically designed to provide female participants with the proper safety mindset to make themselves a harder target for those that would prey on them. The seminar is presented in a professional and non-intimidating manner for the attendees; it is not about the instructor’s ego, it is about making women harder targets for predators. The overall philosophy of this seminar is prevention through situational awareness.

  • A Awareness of my surroundings
  • L Listen to my little voice inside
  • E Engage in my own safety
  • R React to threats
  • T Tell others of my concerns
  • Seminar Length 90 Minutes

Workplace Violence Prevention: (This seminar can be customized for the audience and length of presentation)

Are you in the business of delivering professional services, products, education, local government, or health care? If you are, the data shows that you also need to be concerned about violence in the workplace and its impact on your business and employees. Workplace Violence accounts for nearly 800 homicides each year in the U.S. and nearly 2 million American workers are victims of some form of Workplace Violence every year! Federal regulations require that all employers make reasonable efforts to keep their employees safe and to mitigate the potential harm caused by Workplace Violence.

This seminar is designed to assist you in becoming a “harder target” for those that would bring violence to your workplace, and to recognize behavior that often precedes violence.

Seminar Highlights:

  • Personal Safety (How to increase your survival chances in an Active Shooter event)
  • Definitions of Workplace Violence
  • History of Workplace Violence
  • Case Studies of Workplace Violence specific to audience
  • Typology of violence (Developed by the FBI)
  • Five main elements of a Workplace Violence Prevention Plan (Recommended by OSHA)
  • Target hardening
  • Situational Awareness
  • Verbal De-escalation (Proactive ways to calm situations)
  • Seminar Length 8 hours


John provided a Workplace Violence Awareness and Prevention training for our entire management staff in 2012. It was one of the most well attended training sessions we have ever had, as well as one of the favorites of the team. In 2013, John provided Behavioral Threat Assessment Team Training for a selected number of individuals. Again an excellent and beneficial training session as we continue to improve our workplace violence prevention efforts. I would highly recommend John as an asset to improving awareness, prevention and response efforts in your organization!– Janet D Rowe, Director of Environment, Health, Safety & Emergency Management at UT Medical Center Knoxville, TN

John recently presented two days of training for a diverse group of medical, administrative and security staff. His courses were instructional and engaging. Afterwards the staff shared many positive comments about the training and his presentation skills. He has the rare ability to communicate with medical, administration and security personnel about sensitive and sometimes difficult topics. I would recommend any of his services and personally look forward to having him return on a regular basis. – Leonard Vaughen, CHFM, NCARB, Hospital Safety Officer at Physicians Regional Medical Center, Knoxville, TN

John has provided District 2 numerous trainings on a variety of subjects such as active shooter, workplace violence, CARVER, and leadership development. John is easy to work with and provides engaging and up-to-date training. The feedback we receive from attendees of any of John’s classes is always positive, and we consistently get requests to bring him back again. I have recommended John many times to agencies looking for a good instructor, and I always hear back that he did an exceptional job. – Jenny Holden, Program and Training Manager at TN District 2 Homeland Security


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