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Business Consultant


John F. Van Dinther, the co-director of Two Hats Consulting, has 15 years experience as an entrepreneur and over 10 years experience as a business consultant. John received his Master’s Degree in Business (MBA) from California State University, Chico. He developed an entrepreneurship exchange program for Philippino students while working in Manila, revealing leadership potential and creating opportunities through team development & strategic planning. Since returning to the Bay Area, John has been creating opportunities for entrepreneurs with the passion to see their own vision realized.


Websites That Work

Do you want a website that gets you calls? Whether you want to build your own website or you hire someone else to design it, you need to know what tools and layouts will get people to call.

This workshop will teach you:

  • How can you can create a simple clear Home page that’s easy to navigate
  • How important videos and photos are
  • How you can find out what’s working and isn’t working


“I wanted to start off by saying that I truly enjoyed the intensive, and our conversations that have come from it. As I said, I set myself up in the back row to fly under the radar, since my future plans involving blogging haven’t crystallized yet. But you drew me out and challenged me despite my plans, lol. That weekend was perfect for me, and I wanted to thank you for that. I have a feeling that you have a natural gift at delving deep into what motivates others, and how to achieve unsung goals and aspirations.

It seems as if everything has culminated at once these last couple of weeks. The Wednesday after I got back in town, I went to court to change my name back to my maiden name (Moore). That, my work schedule change, and the weekend in Berkeley seem to be propelling me towards a change I desperately need.

You have given a voice to the secrets of my heart – the ones I have been pushing down and muffling. Your words have touched me immensely and I will always remember that.” – Amanda Moore

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