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The Growth Coach

Jonathan Goldhill is a business coach and growth consultant who advises owners, managers, self-employed professionals in how to grow their business and create more life balance, by driving them to face reality and holding them accountable for their personal and business strategic plans.

He has over 20 years experience advising owners and managing entrepreneurial companies and organizations. During his career, he has owned and managed 6 businesses; trained over 600 entrepreneurs in starting and growing a business; counseled over 1,000 owners and self-employed professionals; and financed over 100 companies as a commercial lender. Jonathan Goldhill has an MBA from the University of Southern California in Entrepreneurial Studies and has studied strategy at the Peter F Drucker School of Business.

Goldhill’s high-energy and interactive style will leave you feeling empowered and touched, so that you can be more focused, effective and strategic. Without these and a game plan, well … like Yogi Berra said, “If you don’t know where you’re going, you wind up someplace else.”


Seasoned business consultant turned coach shares with business owners and self-employed professionals how to multiply their income, productivity, and free time with simple business wisdom.

  • How to think like a CEO and stop acting like an employee – Are you a slave to busy-ness in your business? Stop focusing on the trivial items that keep you frustrated, stuck and get in your way of your personal, professional and business growth! Get clear about your strategic priorities and your business will grow. This dynamic, impactful session will get you focused or re-focused on your priorities so you can regain the freedom you originally sought when you started your business.
  • Apply the 7 habits of highly effective CEOs – Why do some small businesses stay small while others grow into larger businesses? Learn 7 killer habits that CEO’s use to grow any business. Identify your strengths and weaknesses in the area of leadership. Using case studies and personal experience, Jonathan gives the listener a chance to make powerful commitments to put at least 3 new life or business changing habits into action.
  • Tune up your selling skills – It’s been said that “Nothing happens until somebody sells somebody.” Discover a four step process for selling to your prospects that will instantly improve your effectiveness and will result in more money! Then, working in small groups, identify 3 ways you can better relate to prospects, clients, referral sources, etc.; learn to ask better questions that get at the “pain” and “needs” of your prospects; and get commitments faster from your prospects.
  • Strategic marketing: 5 ways to grow any business – Customize your marketing program using our guaranteed methods to grow any business. Identify quantum improvements and begin to put them into place immediately! Uncover reasons why your campaign might not be working and how to use this information to create results that do work. Recognize your critical success factors that make you stand above the competition and win new customers. Learn techniques to increase your income with simple programs.
  • Grow your business with leadership and vision – Being an effective leader, requires clarity of your leadership style. How do you lead an organization without vision? How do you create a vision and sell it? Learn how to develop and share an effective vision with your team that inspires, motivates, compels them to grow your business for you.


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